• Credit for Prior Learning

  • MHCC values college access, affordability and accelerated credential attainment for all students. Because of this value, MHCC programs are encouraged to award credit for prior learning (CPL) whenever learning can be demonstrated and/or documented.

    Mastery of college-level knowledge and skills may occur as a result of employment, military training and experience, non-credit courses, and non-collegiate training programs. CPL may be awarded for measurable college-level learning provided with documentation on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate faculty member. Evidence that a student has met course learning outcomes may include documentation such as: certification card or licensure, documentation from an employer plus résumé from the student, professional portfolio, completion of a non-credit training program, etc.

    Requests submitted without evidence / documentation of prior learning will be automatically denied. All institutional requirements for certificate and degree programs must be met and no more than 25% of credits applied toward a degree and/or certificate may be earned via CPL.

    Please note:

    (1) CPL credit may have financial aid implications. Students should check with the Financial Aid office regarding their specific circumstances.

    (2) CPL may be used to fulfill MHCC program requirements; however transferability to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution and is not guaranteed to transfer to other institutions.