Welcome to ABE/GED JumpStart
Gresham Campus

Adult Basic Skills JumpStart provides a pathway to get new and returning students into our adult education classes as efficiently as possible. This program is appropriate for students working toward their GED, preparing to make the transition to a college or career program, and/or wanting to improve basic reading, writing and math skills.

We offer an initial JumpStart session each Friday of the term, during the dates listed below. At the 1st session, students will get a detailed overview of our program, begin planning out their academic and career goals, and learn about next steps. Keep in mind that students who choose to enter the program will need to complete all skills assessments and attend an orientation session before starting classes in the upcoming term.

Before you come to a JumpStart session, you must fill out the online admissions form. This will generate a MHCC ID number, which will allow you to access a number of student services. If you need assistance filling out this form, please come to the Adult Basic Skills office. Paper forms are available upon request.

JumpStart Schedule

Summer Session

  • Monday, July 6th thru August 24th @ 12:30 p.m.

*If you have any questions please call 503-491-7333 or email Nikki.Miller@mhcc.edu.
**It's important to note these sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis. If the session you come to is full, you may come to the next session offered the following Monday. We won't accept late students.

JumpStart Location

Room AC2755. Click here for a map of the upper level of the campus.

What paperwork do I need before I start?

If you are 16-20 years-old: Please contact 503.491.7641 to make sure that any paperwork you might need from the school district you live in has been faxed, to 503.491.6016, and received. It's important that all of your paperwork, if necessary, has been faxed ahead of time before you attend a JumpStart session.

Next Steps: Mt. Hood offers various Adult Education class times to choose from and you will receive more information when you attend a JumpStart session.

We look forward to seeing you at JumpStart soon!

If you are 16-20, call 503.491.7641, and
If you are 21 & older, you may call 503.491.7333

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