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  • Merina Bensene: Success Story

    Merina BenseneMerina Bensene enrolled in the Project YESS program as part of our Winter 2016 cohort and excelled from the beginning. She quickly worked her way through her GED classes and tests with the goal of entering the Healthcare field. Her determination paid off and Merina started the Healthcare Bridge class at PCC in April. In her Bridge class she’s continued to prove both reliable and engaged, even getting her mother, a Certified Nursing Assistant, to visit and talk about how she’s been successful in her career.

    Rene Bussiere, the instructor and coordinator of the Healthcare Bridge class says of Merina, "She displays all the necessary traits for success in the Healthcare field. She is intelligent, articulate, motivated, and has an excellent attention to detail. Beyond that though, she is compassionate and kind and wants to make a true difference in peoples’ lives. It is an honor and delight to work with students like Merina who put so much effort and care into what they do. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here and the difference she makes in the world."

    As part of the Healthcare Bridge, Merina hopes to score an internship with Providence this summer to continue to grow her skills in the healthcare industry. She plans to enroll in college classes this fall with the goal of becoming a nurse in the maternity ward.