• Recruitment Services

  • The recruitment team is here to engage, inform and inspire all prospective students to ensure a smooth transition to MHCC!

    Below are some of the services we offer schools, community centers, employers and non-profits to help prospective students get started at MHCC. We are happy to tailor our services (including length, topics covered, and time of year) or discuss alternative options to best fit your school or organization’s needs.

    College Exploration Services (suggested September-December)

    MHCC 101 Presentation

    • 45 min. - 1 hour. A workshop for all grades, highlighting the "what, why & how" of MHCC. Topics include: program & degree options, steps for getting started, costs & ways to pay and student life.

    High School Versus College Presentation

    • 30 min. - 1 hour. A workshop for all grades designed to help students prepare for the college environment, covering everything from class schedules & credit hours to homework load & on-campus services.

    Campus Visit

    • 2-3 hours. Bring your students to MHCC for a customizable campus visit, which includes MHCC 101 workshop, Q & A with current students campus tours and more!

    College Preparation Services (suggested December- March)

    Ways to Pay Workshop

    • 30 min. - 1 hour. A workshop for juniors & seniors, covering how to prepare for & apply to many of MHCC's most popular programs (e.g. Automotive Tech., Dental Hygiene, Cosmetology & more) which have separate application procedures & deadlines. (Best scheduled DEC-JAN.)

    Admissions Application Workshop

    • 30 min. A computer lab is needed for this session which gives students an overview of degree types & program/major offerings followed by "over-the-shoulder" assistance with applying for admissions.

    College Placement Test (CPT) Prep Session

    • 30 - 45 min. A workshop which includes information on test structure, sample questions & test-taking tips. MANDATORY before any on-site CPT & can be easily combined with the admissions workshop when scheduled for 1 hour.

    College Transition Services (suggested April-June)

    On-Site College Placement Test (CPT)

    • 2 hours: The CPT is best taken in April-May of a student's senior year and with a computer lab we can bring it to your school! To schedule the CPT, please contact Testing Services Coordinator, Mika Culy at: (503) 491-7592, or mika.culy@mhcc.edu.

    PREP (Pre-Enrollment Planning) Appointments:

    • 20 min. sessions: MHCC-bound seniors can sign up for individual 20 min. appointments with an outreach staff member and/or academic adviser to develop an enrollment plan & ask questions one-on-one to make sure they are on track for attending MHCC!

    Registration Days:

    • 30 min. MHCC events hosted in our Orientation Center where students can complete first-term advising plans, necessary financial aid forms and get over-the-shoulder help registering for classes.