Risk and Environmental Health & Safety

  • The mission of Safety and Risk Services is to protect and maintain a safe environment and help provide a secure future for All facets associated to Mt. Hood Community College.

    We strive to support strong leadership and foster a culture that empowers the College community by providing the tools and resources needed to make good operational and financial choices, enhance health and safety controls, take strategic risks, while recognizing and mitigating our ongoing exposures.

    To familiarize you with the functions within our team, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management services see ourselves as your partner in hazard mitigation and control. We offer training, assessments and guidance on the hazards identified on campus, as well as help with strategic assessments encompassing the four quadrants of risk, which include: Hazards, Financial, Operation and Strategic.

    The quick links below have been provided to help you access the most frequently requested materials and allow for easy access to the Safety Management System, risk solutions and related web based applications.

  • Risk Management and EHS Team


    Corey Sippel MS
    Manager: Risk Management &
    Environmental Health & Safety
    (503) 491-7477

    Candice Teague
    Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
    (503) 491-7495

    Alexandria Curo
    Risk & Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
    (503) 491-7495

    Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety Team
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  • Risk-LB

    Risk Management

    • Risk Management Program
      • Approved Indemnification Language
      • Contracts
      • Waivers
      • Certificates of Insurance
        • COI Request Form
        • College Coverage Requirements
      • Insurance Coverage & Claims
        • Workers Compensation
        • General Liability
        • Special Risk
    • Administrative Regulations / Policies

    Environmental Health and Safety

    • Safety Management Systems
      • Programs
      • Standard Operating Procedures
      • Hazard Analysis (AHA/JHA/JSA/HVA)
      • Health and Safety Plans
      • Waste Management
        • Recycle
        • General Waste
        • Hazardous Waste
      • Training (SafeColleges)
      • Ergonomics
        • Ergonomic evaluations
        • Safety in Motion (SIM)
      • Safety Committee
        • Meetings
        • Members
        • Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
        • Training
        • Evaluations
      • Safety Forms (SafeColleges Reporting)
        • Incident Injury
          • SAIF 801 form
        • Near Miss/Safety suggestion
        • Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure
        • Hepatitis  B vaccinations
        • Covid-19 Concern
      • Reporting
      • Inspections

    Integrated Pest Management

    • IPM Program
    • IPM Postings
    • Record Keeping

    Emergency Preparedness

    • Emergency Operation Plan
    • Drills
      • Table Top’s
      • Fire/Evacuations
      • Active Threat
      • Earthquake

    Fleet Management