Rho Theta Officer Position Application


Rho Theta Officer Position Application

2019-2020 Rho Theta Officer Position Descriptions

General Duties of ALL Officers:

  • Officers hold a minimum of 2-3 office hours per week in addition to weekly officer meetings in which each officer will report on current projects and job duties
  • Officers participate in writing Hallmark award entries during fall and winter terms
  • Officers hold extra office hours during spring term for regalia sales and formal induction
  • Officers participate in new member orientations (fall, winter, and spring) and formal induction in spring
  • Officers are involved in chapter activities on campus and in the community (including College Project, Honors in Action and additional fundraising events)
  • Officers are required to take the ED 120, 121, 122 Leadership Classes fall, winter, and spring terms


  1. Preside over all meetings and work with the Executive Administrative Assistant to create meeting agendas.
  2. Appoint and establish any necessary committees.
  3. Vote only in case of a tie.
  4. Serve as liaison to the president’s office, college administration and other campus organizations.
  5. Represent the organization at all times.
  6. Lead the chapter in developing goals for the year.
  7. Monitor and report progress toward desired chapter goals and towards 5 Star Chapter progress.
  8. Serve as liaison to the region.
  9. Hold officers accountable to their responsibilities
  10. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Vice President of Leadership:

  1. Perform all duties of the president in the event of his/her absence
  2. Attend Finance Council.
  3. Oversee leadership activities.
  4. Chair at least one chapter activity a year.
  5. Attend at least one leadership class/conference a year.
  6. Work with the Fellowship Director to plan any team building activities.
  7. Chair a Hallmark writing committee.
  8. Chair graduation regalia sales.
  9. In the absence of a Chapter Manager, will assume the positions duties.
  10. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Membership Director:

  1. Collect, track, maintain, and update member information.
  2. Update invitation letter from the college president and request copies.
  3. Copy applications, inventory brochures, and follow up envelope stuffing and mailing.
  4. Plan three prospective member orientations each term (except summer).
  5. Send membership recruitment emails to eligible students at least five times a term (spread out through the term).
  6. Participate in Hallmark writing.
  7. Maintain and update member email lists on the website.
  8. Coordinate with advisor and registrar on membership process.
  9. Encourage eligible students to join Phi Theta Kappa
  10. Hold a minimum of 2-3 office hours per week

Service Director:

  1. Oversee service activities.
  2. Chair at least one service activity a year. (Such as the annual Foundation Auction volunteers, flower sales at graduation, or a joint project with ASG).
  3. Send out event emails to current members and eligible students to encourage and coordinate member volunteer activities in the community.
  4. Chair a Hallmark writing committee
  5. Collaborate with Public Relations Manager and Volunteer Coordinator to promote service opportunities and membership
  6. In the absence of a Volunteer Coordinator, the officer will assume the position’s duties
  7. Take lead on planning informal inductions, as well as formal induction in spring term
  8. Hold a minimum 3 office hours per week.

Scholarship Director:

  1. Take the lead in scholarly research on the Honors Study Topic.
  2. Take the lead on Honors in Action (HIA) planning.
  3. Maintain notes and/or reports on the chapter’s goals, discussions, discoveries and progress on HIA project(s)
  4. Oversee scholarship activities, both in terms of academic scholarship (research) and applying for scholarships (to help pay for college).
  5. Chair at least one scholarship activity a year (such as OSAC workshops).
  6. Maintain and update scholarship information
  7. Chair the Rho Theta dues scholarship committee.
  8. Chair or co-chair the Honors in Action Project Hallmark writing committee
  9. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Fellowship Director:

  1. Oversee fellowship activities.
  2. Encourage eligible students to join Phi Theta Kappa.
  3. Work with the Vice President of Leadershipto plan any team building activities.
  4. Work with Public Relations Manager to host at least one member meeting per term.
  5. Work to increase member attendance and participation.
  6. Encourage fellowship and camaraderie at all levels of the chapter.
  7. Participate in Hallmark writing.
  8. Assist Public Relations Officer with member updates.
  9. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Executive Administrative Assistant:

  1. Work with President to set meeting agenda.
  2. Take minutes and maintain records of officer and member meetings including attendance.
  3. Maintain a full record of chapter functions.
  4. Update lists for projects, tracking which officers are responsible for which tasks.
  5. Maintain a file of chapter correspondence.
  6. Organize Rho Theta file cabinets, office and storage.
  7. With the President, track the chapter’s progress toward Five Star status.
  8. Maintain notes/journal/reports on goals and progress on the College Project and Honors in Action research and project with Scholarship Director.
  9. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Volunteer Coordinator:

  1. Keep a full record of volunteer opportunities and volunteer service.
  2. Collaborate with Service Directorand Public Relations Managerto promote service opportunities.
  3. Develop ways to recognize volunteers.
  4. Encourage volunteerism.
  5. Maintain and update member email lists and send emails.
  6. Work to promote campus awareness of Rho Theta.
  7. Participate in Hallmark Writing.
  8. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

Communications Director:

  1. Set up and maintain communication technology.
  2. Maintain active communication between the team.
  3. Update the Facebook page as well as other pages weekly.
  4. Send out monthly newsletter to alumni and members.
  5. Email members in the event that Service Director or Membership Director cannot.
  6. Act as a liaison with Associated Student Government.
  7. Gather details about events 3 weeks in advance in order to publicize in a timely manner.
  8. Design posters and other promotional items for Rho Theta events.
  9. Maintain a chapter web presence.
  10. Work to promote campus awareness of Rho Theta.
  11. Hold a minimum of 3 office hours per week.

What 3 positions are you interested in? (see descriptions above)

If I am appointed as a Rho Theta Executive Officer, I will be an active member and I will complete duties required by my position.