• Running a Degree Audit

  • How do I run a degree audit?

    1. Log on to MyMHCC
    2. Under ‘Frequently Used Links’, click ‘View My Degree Audit’
    3. Scroll down and click ‘View All Details’
    4. At the bottom of the page click ‘Recalculate Student Progress’
    5. Click the link on the bottom left that says ‘Degree Audit PDF’ to see what you’ve already completed towards the degree, and what you have left to complete. You can cross-reference this with the catalog website link your degree.

    Please note:

    The degree audit viewable in your MyMHCC student portal is based on the major, degree goal, and catalog year in your student record. If any of this information is incorrect, contact the Admissions, Registration and Records office (503-491-7393 or ar@mhcc.edu), or see a staff member in the Student Services Hub in Building 12, Room 2253 (check walk-in hours).

    If you require help interpreting your degree audit, please speak with an academic adviser by contacting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center (AATC) at 503-491-7315 or advising.questions@mhcc.edu or by making your own advising appointment through Navigate.