• Smarter Balanced Assessment

  • If you took the Smarter Balanced Assessment at your high school within the last two years and scored at a Level 3 or 4 on the English and/or Mathematics tests, we may be able to waive all or part of your placement test.

    How do I transfer my Smarter Balanced scores to MHCC?

    Please contact your high school counseling office to request that your scores be emailed to Testing Services at testing@mhcc.edu. Once received, our staff will evaluate your scores and notify you of your course placements.

    Where will my Smarter Balanced scores place me?

    Test Name Test Score Course Placement

    English Language Arts


    RD117 & WR115


    RD117 & WR121Z



    MTH111Z (pre-calculus)


    MTH111Z w/option to take another test for MTH251 (calculus)