Environmental, Health and Safety

  • The Environmental, Health and Safety program provides students a basic understanding of sustainability, health and safety issues. The technical nature of this field requires basic courses in math and chemistry in order to understand and work more effectively in this field. The program includes lectures, class projects, and an internship. The curriculum would be suitable for high school graduates, people now working in industry in the areas of occupational safety and health, or environmental management, and those with no related job experience wanting to change careers. Persons assigned new duties in this area may find individual courses will fulfill their needs for continuing professional education. Students completing an Associates Degree in the SHS program may transfer to several different four-year schools for the Bachelor of Science degree in different environmental fields. Interested students should contact the program adviser for additional information.

  • Faculty Advisers

    Faculty Advisers
    Dr. Javid Mohtasham
    Room AC 2571