• Classes Eligible for the Senior Discount Program

  • The following transfer level course prefixes combined with a number of 100 or higher are eligible for the Senior Tuition Waiver. For example, CH104; WR121; HD110; GER201; SOC204, etc.

    ANTH Anthropology
    ART Art
    ASL American Sign Language
    BA Business Administration
    BI Biology
    CH Chemistry
    CHN Chinese
    CJA Criminal Justice Administration
    CIS120 with
    CIS120L; CIS122
    Computer Information System
    CIS120 taken in combination w/CIS120L; and CIS122
    EC Economics
    ED Education
    EL Academic Success Strategies (Effective Learning)
    ENG Literature
    ENGR Engineering
    ENL English as a Non-Native Language
    ESR Environmental Science
    F Forestry
    FA Film
    FN Nutrition
    FR French
    FW Fish-Wildlife
    G Geology
    GE Engineering
    GEOG Geography

    GER German
    GS Physical Science
    HD Human Development
    HE Health Education
    HPE Health/Physical Education
    HST History
    HUM Humanities
    INTL International Studies
    ITAL Italian
    J Journalism
    JPN Japanese
    MTH Mathematics
    MUP Music-Performance Studies
    MUS Music
    PE Physical Education
    PH Physics
    PHL Philosophy
    PS Political Science
    PSY Psychology
    R Religion
    RD Reading
    RUS Russian
    SOC Sociology
    SP Speech
    SPAN Spanish
    TA Theatre
    WR Writing (except NOT WR101, WR102)
    WS Women