• SOAR Leader Reference Form

    The Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) Team at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is comprised of 7 student leaders with a mission to inform, engage, and respond to the College’s community of prospective students. SOAR leaders work directly with the College’s Student Outreach staff to creatively, effectively, and proactively spread the word about the College’s programs, services, and opportunities. SOAR leaders’ main duties include:

    • Assisting with “MHCC 101” presentations during group visitations to campus and off-campus events.
    • Attending college and career fairs to speak with prospective students/families and school-based staff.
    • Coordinating and leading individual and small group campus tours on a weekly basis.
    • Promptly responding to prospective students’ inquiries via email, mail or phone.
    • Representing MHCC at large campus events such as New Student Welcome Day, Preview Night, MHCC Job Fairs, etc.
    • Visiting high schools or community organizations for peer-to-peer advising &/or MHCC presentations.

    SOAR Contacts:

    Web: www.mhcc.edu/SOAR
    Location: Student Union, lower level

    Jessica Ruiz, Student Recruitment Coordinator
    Ph: 503-491-7228 
    Email: jessica.ruiz@mhcc.edu
    Rebecca Rodas, Student Recruiter
    Ph: 503-491-7168
    Email: rebecca.rodas@mhcc.edu

    Reference Form Process:

    Deadline to submit online SOAR Reference Form: 5 p.m. On Monday, MAY 29, 2017
    If seeking a hard-copy of reference form, please contact jessica.ruiz@mhcc.edu for a printable pdf. version.

    Directions/information for SOAR Reference Form:

    Using the space provided below, please evaluate the SOAR applicant on these four categories: initiative & leadership, reliability & professionalism, enthusiasm & dedication, and interpersonal skills. Based on the SOAR main duties listed above, we’re seeking an honest evaluation of the SOAR applicant’s ability to perform the essential duties & contribute to the 2017-18 SOAR Team. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Next steps after initial application:

    After applications have been reviewed, candidates will be notified on or around Thursday, June 1 regarding selection status. If selected for a group interview, SOAR group interviews will be conducted on or around Monday, June 5. Following SOAR group interviews, finalists will be notified by Wednesday June 1 to schedule final round of individual SOAR interviews, which will be held during June 8 – 9.  After the final round of individual interviews, the 2017-18 SOAR Team will be announced shortly after.

    General Information:

    Soar Applicant’s Name:
    Your Relationship To Soar Applicant:
    Your First Name: 
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    Your Email: 
    Your  Phone#:


    INITIATIVE & LEADERSHIP:  The SOAR team relies on the initiative & leadership of its members and seeks out candidates who:

    • Are comfortable facilitating group decision-making and group activities
    • Are confident in taking initiative & proposing new ideas
    • Can handle the responsibilities, time-management, and expectations of being a student leader on a college campus
    • Get things done independently, but can also perform as a team
    • Perform to a strong work ethic
    • Remain focused & actively engaged in their work
    • Serve as roles models to their peers and prospective students alike
    • Take pride in their role as a SOAR leader

      What are the applicant’s strengths and weakness related to the description above?


    RELIABILITY & PROFESSIONALISM: Due to the on-the-spot nature of the job with spontaneous campus tours and daily interactions with prospective students (and often their parents), the SOAR team requires reliability & professionalism amongst its members and seeks out candidates who:

    • Are consistently dependable and on-time for campus tours, events, office hours and SOAR team meetings
    • Are thorough in their review of directions & expectations to get duties completed on-time and done accurately
    • Demonstrate professionalism & respect within their day-to-day interactions (both in-person and via email, etc.) with peers, supervisors and prospective students

    What are the applicant’s strengths and weakness related to the description above?  


    INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: The SOAR team is responsible for daily communications via email, over the phone & in person to prospective students, in addition to serving as the primary tour guides and “student ambassadors” at the College. Since a majority of SOAR duties are performed in close-knit quarters and require collaboration amongst the team members, it seeks out candidates who:

    • Actively engage in the team decision-making process
    • Are friendly, cooperative, patient & polite in their day-to-day interactions and performance of SOAR duties
    • Clearly, effectively and respectfully communicate with peers, supervisors, and prospective students
    • Generally work well with others

    What are the applicant’s strengths and weakness related to the description above?


      ENTHUSIASM & DEDICATION: The primary mission of the SOAR team is to spread the word about MHCC’s programs, services and opportunities. To do so, it requires SOAR leaders to have a passion for this mission & to take pride in their role & the College, so it seeks out candidates who:

    • Are excited & invested in being a SOAR leader and representative of the College
    • Are passionate about helping others
    • Have a drive to learn new things and seek out opportunities to enhance their skill set
    • Have a sincere interest in getting others interested & engaged in the College
    • Have confidence in putting their unique skills, experience and ideas to use

    What are the applicant’s strengths and weakness related to the description above?