• Meet Your SOAR Team Leaders

  • Allie Riggs

    Name: Allie Riggs

    Hometown: Damascus, Oregon

    Why you chose MHCC: Attending MHCC was the obvious choice for me; it’s very affordable, close to home and the staff is great!

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I chose to be an ambassador because it was a great opportunity to expand my leadership experience and to be more involved in the school. It’s a great way to give back to Mt. Hood CC and other students Hobbies: Sports, hikes, boating, reading, making coffee!

    Arieanna Elizabeth Taylor

    Name: Arieanna Elizabeth Taylor

    Major: Undecided/Explorer

    Hometown: Gresham, Oregon

    Why you chose MHCC: I chose MHCC because it's a starter college to learn greater things in life. It's a place where you can grow as a person and flourish into who you want to become in life. This college is the place I learned many things about myself and how much I wanted to be an Educational Assistant as a career. I want to achieve my Associates degree in applied science for Education.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I know I can be an amazing leader to others and a good example of what to follow in the future. I also want to provide help to others its my passion to teach anyone that's willing to learn. I want to inspire people to have great futures and be able to help them grow as a person and feel successful in everything they do throughout there process at MHCC!

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: Egg in a hole Music, Singing, Dancing, Yoga and Art.

    Brian Gonzalez

    Name: Brian Gonzalez

    Major: Graphic Design

    Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

    Why you chose MHCC: Affordability. MHCC is an institution that supports and motivates their students to continue reaching their goals.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: One of my passions is helping students, so as part of the Soar Team I am able to share my experience in the college as a student and as an employee and help the students to know the helpful services that the school provides for them, Such as the avid center, Barney’s Pantry, among others.

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: Make music, Design / I really love to swim!!! /Coffee and orange.

    Louis Diana Cyprien

    Name: Louis Diana Cyprien -prefer to be called (Diana)

    Major: Business/Accounting

    Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I currently live in Gresham, OR.

    Why you chose MHCC: I love how welcoming the community is to current/upcoming students and everyone that comes to the campus, it is affordable tuition and close to home. They are understanding and have a huge variety of programs, resources and opportunities to become successful for your future

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I believe I can be an example and leader to the oncoming generation/students and I know I have a lot of experience that I can share with others that could be useful. I also love meeting new people and MHCC is home in my heart. I have met some interesting people as an ambassador and learned a lot through them and I am always open to learn and experience new things from others. 

    Favorite hobby: I love to dance Kompa, watch new shows/movies and play board games.

    Outdoor Adventure: I enjoy exploring new food spots, go for walks, and hiking

    Breakfast Food: Omelettes with hash brown, and French Toast 

    Other- I like to fall asleep with music on, a habit of online shopping, and I'm the queen of naps haha. 

    Emma Bennett

    Name: Emma Bennett

    Major: Physical Therapy Assistant

    Hometown: Ridgefield, Washington

    Why you chose MHCC: So, I could continue my passion of being a student athlete. I have always believed in order to be successful in your studies, your mind also needs to be sharp through routine exercise, and I am grateful that I get to continue this challenging but exciting balance in college! Healthy body, healthy mind. I hope I can inspire others to purse their own passions, even if they do not think it is possible. Go Saints!

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: To knock down the negative stigma around community college education. Community college provides so many opportunities to its student: lower tuition rates, more of a personal connection to your professors, and more. I hope I can encourage others to grow and challenge themselves when it seems like everything is stacked against them! I hope I can be a friendly face to prospective students and be someone that has their back through their journey in higher education.

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: Trail running, hikes, sports, trying the latest fashion trend and exploring new coffee shops!  Favorite Breakfast food: a slice of Chocolate Banana Bread (so yummy!)

    Jessa Freeman

    Name: Jessa Freeman

    Major: General Studies

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    Why you chose MHCC: It's local and they have a PT Assistant program I am interested in. 

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: It can help further my leadership skills, I can help others and it helps with my schooling. I am a returning student after over a decade in the workforce. I know how intimidating it can feel to navigate back to registering for classes and to return back to the books where you are now the oldest in your class.

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: I love hiking with my dog and lounging at the river. Hobbies; creating playlists for life, visiting art museums, learning about nutrition and health. Breakfast food: eggs benedict. Other: I once was a professional dancer and love geeking out on all things dance.

    Kenia Albarran

    Name: Kenia Albarran

    Major: Business Administration

    Hometown: Guerrero, Mexico.

    Why you chose MHCC: I chose Mt. Hood Community College because the institution is one of the most affordable colleges in Portland. It’s also located close to where I live and offers online courses making it easier to fit into my schedule.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I want to share my experience with other students and give them advice that I would have liked to have when I was a new student. In addition, being part of the team will help me to develop new skills.

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: Dancing, Sewing and Learning.

    Raleigh DeLeon

    Name: Raleigh DeLeon

    Major: Nursing 

    Hometown: Troutdale, OR 

    Why you chose MHCC: Community colleges were built to allow higher education to become more accessible by possessing general educational courses at a lower tuition rate, and providing career technical courses. Community colleges cater to the students as it focuses on smaller class sizes and the teacher-to-student personal connections. However, these colleges do not receive the same recognition as 4-year universities. Mt. Hood offers 130 different programs and I chose to attend for the nursing program, which is affiliated with OHSU. When choosing to go to your neighborhood community college, it should be more than convenience; there are plenty of available resources at these institutions we are unaware of and should utilize it to its capacity.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: As a first generation college student I lacked the knowledge of navigating through higher education and resources that could have aided me in my journey. It wasn’t until I entered Mt. Hood Community College that I began to learn more about the institution and the programs that it offered to support me; both financially and emotionally. Becoming an ambassador, I am now in a position to provide guidance and clarity to others, which was absent for me. I promote higher education because there are multiple avenues to achieve what one desires.

    Favorite Hobby/ Outdoor Adventure/ Breakfast Food/ Other: Barbering, Photography, Hiking

    Samuel Butler

    Name: Samuel Butler

    Major: General Studies (Paramedic Firefighter)

    Hometown: Gresham, Oregon

    Why you chose MHCC: It’s the closest and most affordable community college near me. I’ve had other siblings attend this school and heard it’s good. The school had all the classes I needed.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I enjoy helping people achieve their goals. I wanted to help the school and those who attend this school to be successful. It’s a great opportunity to reach out and meet people and build relationships. This is also very helpful with providing my schooling.

    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: I like working out, hikes, meeting and making new friends, exploring new places, and videography.

    Tyson Hailey

    Name: Tyson Hailey

    Major: Associates Funeral Service Education

    Home town: Newberg, OR

    Why you chose: MHCC Mt Hood commuting college is one of several schools who offer the funeral services/mortuary sciences program.

    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I've worked as a caregiver for many years, and I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and succeed.

    Favorite hobbies/outdoor adventure/breakfast food/other: I like to garden on our patio, you can never have too many plants. I like spending quality time with my family preparing meals usually around dinner time. Sometimes when I have many thoughts in my head I like writing lyrics. Finally, I enjoy baking or finding old recipes to try.