• Meet Your SOAR Team Leaders

  • Sam

    Name: Samuel Butler
    Major: General Studies (TBD)
    Hometown: Gresham, Oregon
    Why you chose MHCC: It’s a local community college and has the courses I need
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I can help the school and this can help me with my schooling
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: I like working out, hikes, exploring and videography


    Name: Louis Diana Cyprien
    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Why you chose MHCC: I love the community, the staff faculty are very kind, and it is affordable
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I believe I can be an example and leader to the oncoming generation and I know I have a lot of experience that I can share with others that could be useful. I also love meeting new people and MHCC is home in my heart
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other:
    Sleeping and watching movies


    Name: Alexis Barajas
    Major: Business Administration
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Why you chose MHCC: Affordable, convenient, and diverse program options
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I want to be able to help out as many prospective students as I can and be able to make a difference in making college more of a possibility for every student
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: Skateboarding


    Name: Sammie Senger
    Major: Cosmetology
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Why you chose MHCC: The program selection is vast, I like the culture. I loved that the cosmetology program offers an associate’s degree
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: My personal affirmation has always been to “Grow personally and stay positive.” This program provides the opportunity for me to grow personally, make new friends, and help students become more comfortable in social settings.
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other:
    Hobbies: Journalizing, reading, and nature photography
    Outdoor Adventures: Hiking and taking dogs out to play
    Other: Try new and fun makeup palettes/hairstyles on my friends because I love helping others feel confident.


    Name: Brian Gonzalez
    Major: Exploring Graphic Design
    Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
    Why you chose MHCC: Affordability. MHCC is an institution that supports and motivates their students to continue reaching their goals.
    Why you chose to be an ambassador:
    One of my passions is helping students, so as part of the Soar Team I am able to share my experience in the college as student and as an employee and help the students to know the helpful services that the school provides for them, Such as, the avid center, Barney’s Pantry, among others.
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other:
    Make music, Design / I really love to swim!!! /Coffee and orange.


    Name: Ivan Orozco
    Major: Business Administration
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Why you chose MHCC: I chose MHCC because of its affordable tuition, convenient location from home and most importantly its highly reputable business curriculum. In addition, I found MHCC to be unique from the other local community college for its extensive student services such as tutoring Avid Center and full week computer laboratory access.
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: The primary reason why I am pursuing the Ambassador position is because I enjoy sharing valuable information to students as well as sharing my experience as a whole. My goal is to deliver helpful information to prospective students that I wish I would’ve been informed about when I was in their shoes.
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other:
    Playing soccer and working out/ Fishing/ Pancakes with bacon


    Name: Jackeline Melendez-Gutierrez
    Major: AAOT
    Hometown: Portland
    Why you chose MHCC: Beautiful nature-y campus, close to home. Endless opportunities and many resources to become successful!
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: I chose to become an ambassador because it’s allowing me to develop my leadership skills more and providing me the opportunities to help new students start college. I am first generation college student myself and I remember the people who helped me when I was lost and needed help and I want to give the same kind and warm welcoming I got when I was scared and anxious.
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other: I enjoy the outdoors a lot and I usually have a lot of free time but when I get time off I love camping, fishing, hiking, and riding motorcycles.


    Name: Raleigh De Leon
    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: Troutdale, Or
    Why you chose MHCC: Community colleges were built to allow higher education to become more accessible by possessing general educational courses at a lower tuition rate, and providing career technical courses. Community colleges cater to the students as it focuses on smaller class sizes and the teacher-to-student personal connections. However, these colleges do not receive the same recognition as 4-year universities. Mt. Hood offers 130 different programs and I chose to attend for the nursing program, which is affiliated with OHSU. When choosing to go to your neighborhood community college, it should be more than convenience; there are plenty of available resources at these institutions we are unaware of and should utilize it to its capacity.
    Why you chose to be an ambassador: As a first generation college student I lacked the knowledge of navigating through higher education and resources that could have aided me in my journey. It wasn’t until I entered Mt. Hood Community College that I began to learn more about the institution and the programs that it offered to support me; both financially and emotionally. Becoming an ambassador, I am now in a position to provide guidance and clarity to others, which was absent for me. I promote higher education because there are multiple avenues to achieve what one desires.
    Favorite Hobby/Outdoor Adventure/Breakfast Food/Other:
    Cutting hair / Hiking / Reward shopping.