• Staff Giving Campaign

  • Faculty and staff contributions provide funds for programs and scholarships, while our passion and dedication inspire and encourage outside donors to join us in supporting MHCC. Our collective commitment makes our staff the largest giving group!

    Unite with your colleagues who have pledged their support for student success! Download a pledge card here and send by email to Gerald.Ollison@mhcc.edu or by inter-campus mail to the Foundation office.

    Each gift ensures a more vibrant future for our college and students. Thank you!

    The Impact of Program Giving

    Giving Campaign 001

    The Library Resource Center Fund made therapy animal visits possible last year. Students took a study break and posed for selfies with Rojo the llama and Napoleon the alpaca. Therapy animals help all kinds of people in difficult situations or that just want a furry friend.

    Impact of Scholarship Giving

    Giving Campaign 002

    “I am a single mom who is trying to better my life and that of my child. Receiving this scholarship will help relieve some of the financial burden that going to a college can put on a person when curriculum can prevent one from working and going to school at the same time. My daughter and I appreciate everything that you have given us.”
    Thank you.