• Staff Giving Campaign

  • Each year faculty and staff contributions provide funds for programs and scholarships, while our passion and dedication inspire and encourage outside donors to join us in supporting MHCC. Our collective commitment makes our staff the largest giving group!

    Unite with your colleagues who have pledged their support for student success.

    Click here to pledge your monthly support and enter the weekly drawings during the fall Staff Giving Campaign. For single gifts click here, or you can download the pledge card and send by email to Gerald.Ollison@mhcc.edu.

    Each gift ensures a more vibrant future for our college and students. Thank you!

    Employee Donations to the MHCC Student Success Program Fund Support Students When They Need it Most.


    The Student Success Program provides emergency resources included direct payments to vendors, gift cards and loaner laptops on a first-come, first-served basis. The services provided by this program can make the difference in a student’s ability to continue their studies.

    Ruby Vallarta, a first-generation student, aims to transfer to Portland State University (PSU) to continue her studies in the fall. That would have been delayed if it was not for the loaner laptop and gas and grocery gift cards she was provided through the program.

    “Being able to access these emergency resources has meant so much to me. I wasn’t going to be able to complete Spring Term and that would have pushed back my graduation date, as well as my admittance to PSU,” she said. “My experience was wonderful and everyone with the MHCC team genuinely wants you to be successful.”

    Staff Donations Fuel Student Ambition through Scholarships


    “The Mt Hood Community College Foundation High School Scholarship will allow me to work fewer hours so I can focus more on succeeding at school. I plan on majoring in manufacturing and getting a transfer degree to the Oregon Institute of Technology. After that, I plan on pursuing a career at Boeing as an aerospace machinist and work my way up the ladder to a management position. My ultimate goal is to open up my own machining business and use that to give back to the community.”