• Student Help Desk

  • The Student Help Desk is a computer help desk designed specifically for MHCC students.

    Contact us through the student help desk form for help with:

    • Quick computer questions
    • MyMHCC Password Resets
    • Saints Email Accounts

    Remember, for your own identity protection, NEVER email your Social Security Number.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Topics


    What is my Blackboard password?
    Your blackboard password, is your six digit birthdate (MMDDYY).
    What is/How do I reset my MHCC Saints Email password?

    Your initial password should be emailed to the address you gave during registration. If you changed your password and cannot remember please stop by (inside the library, under the main stairs) and we can reset it for you. Unused Saints Email accounts are deleted after 180 days.

    For more information on Saints Email accounts click here.

    What is/How do I reset my Portal (MyMHCC) password?
    Your initial Portal password, is your six digit birthdate (MMDDYY). To reset a forgotten Portal password open the Portal homepage, enter your ID number and then click the "I forgot my password" link. A new randomly generated password will be emailed to you. If you receive an error message, please stop by (inside the library, under the main stairs), or contact us through this form (please include full name, MHCC ID#, and email address)


    How do I add money to my printing account?

    Go to saintsprint.mhcc.edu (you will need a credit or debit card)

    1. Login with your MyMHCC or guest credentials
    2. Click "Add Credit"
    3. Select the amount and click "Add Value"
    4. You will be taken to the cashnet website where you can enter your credit/debit card information
    5. Once you complete the process the added funds should be reflected on your account summary page
    How do I print?

    Open the file or webpage you wish to print from a college desktop or laptop:

    1. Click the print button (or press Ctrl + P)
    2. Choose any print options you wish to adjust (single sided for example)
    3. When prompted enter your MyMHCC login credentials
    4. The print job will be added to your account queue
    5. Walk to a release station attached to one of the multifunction printer/copiers
    6. Enter your MYMHCC login credentials at the release station
    7. Release document(s) in your queue (documents expire after 24 hours)
    8. Students should start with a $3 balance each term

    For color printing, make sure to select the color printer in step 2, and release from the color machine in the library cafe.

    Additional information on printing

    What if I just want to scan to USB/Email?

    Walk to multifunction #3 in the library


    1. Tap "E-mail" and type in your address
    2. Tap "Ok"
    3. Scan item(s) by pressing the green button
    4. Tap "Done" when finished scanning


    1. Insert flash drive into the side
    2. Tap the "Mailbox USB" tab
    3. Select "Memory Media"
    4. After flash drive is detected, select it and tap "Open"
    5. Tap "File Format" and set to "PDF"
    6. Scan item(s) by pressing the green button
    7. Tap "Done" when finished scanning
    8. Remove flash drive

    Wireless Access

    For Students
    Connect to the "MHCC_Student" access point and open a web browser. You should be redirected to a login page. Your username will be your six digit student ID, and your password will be set to your portal password (six digit birthdate if you have never changed).
    For Faculty/Staff
    Faculty/Staff can connect through the "MHCC-Faculty" Access point. Your employee email credentials are used to authenticate. For further information please query the MHCC IT department.
    For Guests
    Guests may inquire at the Student Help Desk for wireless access.