Student Publications

  • Student Publications serves as a stepping stone for Mt Hood Community College students looking to enter the workforce as journalists, photographers and editors. The Advocate, Venture Magazine and Perceptions Literary Magazine constitute the student publications at MHCC. All these programs are student-produced, edition, written and published by students. Student Publications are platforms for students to tell the stories that make MHCC unique.
    Student Publications:

    • Encourages the participation of all students.
    • Offers an open campus forum for student issues.
    • Respects the views and opinions of all members of the community.
    • Reaches tens of thousands of students, staff, faculty, campus and community members.

    The Venture Magazine is produced by students who register for WR291, 292, and 293, The Literary Publication, a three-term class.

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    The Advocate and Venture Magazine
    Phone: 503.491.7250

    For more information about Perceptions please contact Jonathan Morrow at

  • the advocate

    The Advocate

    The Advocate has been serving the students and staff at Mt. Hood Community College, and other interested readers, for nearly 30 years. The weekly newspaper is produced entirely by students with the student staff numbering between 25-40 students each year. The Advocate is the official publication of the Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College, although the student government plays no role in dictating policy and content of the publication. The Associated Student Government, through its annual budgeting process, provides partial funding of The Advocate, with the remainder of the operating revenue generated through advertising sales.

    The Advocate strives to involve all segments of the college community in a fair and balance presentation of MHCC, and works toward the goal of being informative, timely, lively, relevant, compelling and thought-provoking. Whether your interest is in writing, photography, or editing the Advocate could be the perfect fit for you. Quarterly tuition waivers are provided for qualified members of the publications staff.


    Perceptions Literary Magazine

    Perceptions is a magazine of the arts which has existed at Mt. Hood Community College since 1969. The magazine is produced by the students who register for WR291, 292, and 293, The Literary Publication, a three-term class. The magazine is edited, designed, and published by students. Some students involved with Perceptions receive talent grants.

    In the fall, students solicit submissions from the campus community and the outside community. After submissions are received, students read and choose which works best reflect their chosen vision of the magazine. Working with students from the graphic design program, the editorial team decide on the design, paper and overall look of the magazine. The students continue to work as a team for the next two terms. During the winter and spring terms students work with staff in the print shop who take the graphic designers’ plans and implement them. Contributors are contacted and invited to read their works at a reception that the students plan for the spring term. Awards are given for the best work in a genre: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, photography, music, and film.

    For more information, please contact Jonathan Morrow at


    Venture Magazine

    Venture magazine is produced twice a year by journalism majors at MHCC and is an effort to provide in-depth feature and investigative coverage of the college community and beyond. The magazine offers students an opportunity to write longer, more complex articles than space typically allows in the student newspaper, and gives the students a chance to become familiar with modern magazine design. Venture strives to include a broad spectrum of articles regarding the college community, presented in a fair and balanced manner, and works toward the goal of being informative, timely, lively, relevant, compelling and thought provoking. In addition, students often cover issues of a regional, state or national nature that the readership may find to be of interest.

    Venture has been published at MHCC since 1981. Quarterly tuition waivers are provided for the leadership of the magazine. The publication is entirely produced by students and the staff generally numbers 10 to 14 each year. These students are usually journalism majors and come from the same group that produces The Advocate, MHCC's weekly newspaper.