• Student Senate

  • Santiago Velasco
    Santiago Velasco

    ASG Vice President

    High School: Gresham
    Hometown: Gresham, OR
    Year @ MHCC: 2nd
    Major: Business Administration
    Favorite Social Media App: N/A

    Why Mt. Hood: I wanted to stay close to home. I like the idea of going to a community college before attending a University. I was positive that MHCC have great teachers, and offer top quality of education.

    Why I chose to be a student leader: I wanted to help the student population from MHCC. I have valuable input to contribute to this school.

    Each day on my way to MHCC: I like to listen to my favorite playlist while I’m driving and walking to class.

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes: All types of music.

    After MHCC, I plan to: to transfer to a University and complete my education.

    Daisy Doroteo-Mejia
    Daisy Doroteo-Mejia

    Senate Administrative Assistant

    Autum Teman
    Autum Teman

    Senator Pro Tempore

    High School: David Douglas High School
    Hometown: Portland
    Year at MHCC: 1st
    Major: Biology
    Favorite Social Media App: Pinterest

    Why Mt. Hood:  I was told by family and friends alike that MHCC was a great place to start my college education and continue my involvement in school; not only is Mt. Hood is close to home, but it has practically become my home away from home.

    Why I chose to be a student leader:  As a new student, I found that ASG is a great way to stay connected and involved in the happenings here at MHCC, and more importantly, is a direct segway to maintaining and creating a better learning space for my fellow students.

    Each day on my way to MHCC: I try and catch a glimpse of the mountain from my seat on the bus.

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes: Yo-yo Ma, Norah Jones, and Pink Martini.

    After MHCC, I plan to:  Attend university in Maine!

    Cayman Linson
    Cayman Linson

    Senator of Athletics & Aquatics

    Female Silo
    Andrei Caminschi

    Senator of Communications

    Nghi Le
    Nghi Le

    Senator of Counseling & Advising

    Nickname: Angela or Nini
    High School: Franklin High School
    Hometown: Vietnam
    Year at MHCC: Third years

    • ASOT (Associate of Science-Oregon Transfer Degree in Business)
    • Hospitality and Tourism Management Transfer
    • Business Management Transfer

    Favorite Social Media App: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, MHCC Student Life

    Why Mt. Hood: Because it had my career and friendly campus.

    Why I chose to be a student leader: I wanted to challenge myself in the leadership role. Also, it’s a great opportunities to learn new thing every day.

    Each day on my way to MHCC: Listen to music, read a book.

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes: K-pop, Enrique Iglesias, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Prince Royce, Nicky Jam.

    After MHCC, I plan to: 

    • Washington State University (Seattle)-Bachelor Degree.
    • Cesar Ritz Colleges (Switzerland)-Master Degree.

    PonyBoy Peterman
    PonyBoy Peterman
    Senator of Finance & Legislation

    High School: Gresham High School
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Year at MHCC: 2016-2017
    Major: Biology
    Favorite Social Media App: Instagram, Amino, Beme

    Why Mt. Hood: Great community, Engaging classes and instructors, Close to home.

    Why I chose to be a student leader: I joined because I wanted something new, and stayed because it proved to be a great opportunity for making friends, and it allows me to be a part of something bigger. Gravitate towards that which you fear, and reap the benefits.

    Each day on my way to MHCC: Classical music blaring on the radio. Driving an old, dented Honda civic.

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes:  Porcupine Tree, TTNG, AIC, Phutureprimitive, etc.

    After MHCC, I plan to: Transfer to PSU, join an internship, and network, network, network.

    Joelle Lian
    Joelle Lian

    Senator at Large

    Nickname: Joejoe & Dill Pickle
    High School: Portland Adventist Academy
    Hometown: Portland
    Year at MHCC: 2nd
    Major: Pre-Pharm
    Favorite Social Media App: iFunny, ASMHCC Student Life, Snapchat

    Why Mt. Hood:  I have family alumni here, they told me Mt. Hood was a great school. Which has affordable tuition, helpful teachers, and a friendly environment. It’s also closer to home, and the view of Mount Hood is amazing.

    Why I chose to be a student leader:   I choose to be a student leader because of our motto: “Student Serving Students”. I like serving others, and being on student leadership, I can do just that on step at a time. Doing the little things.

    Each day on my way to MHCC:  I see the farm houses and fields by the highway.

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes:   Various artists.

    After MHCC, I plan to:    Transfer to OSU or study abroad for a year

    Female Silo

    Senator of Library, AVID & LSC

    Female Silo
    Karlee Edwards

    Senator of Student Financial Support

    Harvie Li
    Harvie Li

    Senator of
    Information Technology

    High School: UNIVA, UVM (Mexico)
    Hometown: Guadalajara
    Year at MHCC: 2nd
    Major: International Affairs
    Favorite Social Media App: Whatsapp, PSN and Facebook

    Why Mt. Hood: I chose Mt Hood because I did researches and I found out that really was an institution that cares about the student’s academic success and student life.

    Why I chose to be a student leader: Because I want to show a good example that being in college needs so much seriousness and efforts to achieve significant goals. Doing extra scholar events to the community and volunteering is essential for student life development. 

    Each day on my way to MHCC: Driving under the sunlight in Foster Rd listening Enrique Iglesias

    My iPod or Pandora playlist includes: Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Bullet for my Valentine.

    After MHCC, I plan to: Work.