• Textbook Affordability Team

  • TAT Mission Statement: Facilitate adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and MHCC Library Resources as curricular options for faculty to reduce textbook costs to MHCC students.

    The Textbook Affordability Team (TAT)

    We began our work in the Fall of 2015, following a visit from Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons. Dr Green delivered an OER keynote lecture and workshops for the 2015 Faculty In-Service. Watch the streaming video of Dr. Green’s lecture here.

    We are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of college faculty, staff, managers, administrators, and student government officers working together to develop and maintain campus-wide support services for faculty as they adopt OER and/or incorporate library resources to reduce the cost of textbooks for our students.

    Administrative Leadership:

    • Dr. Lisa Skari, College President


    • Kevin Moore, OER Reference Specialist

    What We Do:

    1. Promote and support the use and creation of OER and other textbook cost saving strategies at MHCC through internal marketing and professional development trainings for faculty.
    2. Identify and communicate grant opportunities for faculty to adopt and/or create OER textbooks.
    3. Manage the MHCC Foundation TAT Grant Program (internal OER grant funding), which includes collecting and reviewing internal faculty applications, choosing recipients, allocating funds, facilitating disbursement, training faculty in open licensing, and celebrating their finished OER.
    4. Assist faculty through the processes of applying for and receiving OER grant funding.
    5. Use internal and external OER grants, and other TAT projects as opportunities to streamline complicated internal processes at MHCC, in the spirit of Continuous Improvement.
    6. Collaborate with IT staff to manage MHCC’s Course Section Reporting Form – our method of complying with Section 4 of Oregon House Bill 2871: established a statewide mandate that all publicly funded universities and community colleges clearly label which course sections use OER or low-cost/no-cost course texts, at the point of class registration.
    7. Collaborate with MHCC’s Associated Student Government (ASG) to gather information from students about their textbook affordability needs, to let them know what options they have, and to help honor faculty who have implemented OER and other textbook cost saving methods.
    8. Collaborate with Analytics & Institutional Research (AIR) to assess and track TAT impact and effectiveness through meaningful statistics over time, continuously improving TAT processes to support faculty and students.
    9. Collaborate with District Communications to market the amazing OER work we do, to internal and external MHCC stakeholders.
    10. Research, write articles, attend and present at professional conferences, and in general stay informed about the latest issues and trends in Open Education and Textbook Affordability.

    Contact reference@mhcc.edu