• Technical Theatre Curriculum

  • Career Pathway Certificate of Completion
    Catalog Year 2017-2018

    The Technical Theatre CPCC program trains students in theatrical and live entertainment events focusing on employment as part of a production team. Students may work as stagehands, or in carpentry, electrics audio, properties, rigging, projections, or production management. There are positions available for stage technicians in the touring business of theatre, opera, dance or the music industry. Stage technicians are employed by churches, cruise ships, convention centers, trade show companies, casinos, theme parks, the film industry and any other fields with live presentations.

    First Quarter (Fall)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    TA111 Technical Theatre: Scenery and Rigging 3
    TA134C Technical Theatre Workshop 3
    TA115 Professional Technician Orientation 1
    HE252 First Aid 3
    Second Quarter (Winter)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    TA112 Technical Theatre: Lighting and Sound 3
    TA135C Technical Theatre Workshop 3
    TA227 Theatrical Makeup 3
    Third Quarter (Spring)
    Course Number Course Title Credits
    TA101 Appreciating Theatre 3
    TA113 Technical Theatre: Painting and Special Effects 3
    TA136C Technical Theatre Workshop 3
    TA121 Costuming 3
    Total Credits 31