• Is Transitions Right For Me?

  • Fall 2017 Graduation Picture - We did it!
    Fall 2017 Graduation Picture - We did it!

    Transitions is probably a good fit for you if:

    • You are a single parent, a displaced homemaker or a woman who speaks English as a second language
    • You haven't been in school for some time and need a comprehensive career planning and college preparation program to help you be successful in school
    • You don't have a definite career goal
    • You need and want friends on campus to take classes with and be a support to you
    • You have the time and the schedule for Transitions classes (Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:15 to 11:50 a.m.; approximately 8-10 hours of homework per week)
    • You have housing, transportation, income for basic necessities, and child care if needed

    Transitions may not be a good fit for you if:

    • You are in a serious personal crisis- this is a challenging college program and students must be ready to focus, attend class regularly, and do homework. If you are upset much of the time, in a violent relationship, new in recovery, homeless, or your family is in crisis, it may be better to wait until another time.
    • You already have a clear, well-researched career goal (all 3 Transitions classes are mandatory; the Career Planning class may not be a good use of your time). Many students who have a goal have still found the class to be useful. It has helped students confirm their goal, change their goal, or develop a Plan B.
    • You are a self-starter, confident, and don't feel the need for a lot of emotional support.
    • You are taking a lot of other classes. Transitions is a 7-credit college program with lots of homework and expectations. If you've been out of school awhile, we recommend keeping the load light. If you enroll in Transitions, we recommend that you take no other classes, or very few.
    • You want to get started in college at a fast pace. Transitions is a slower paced program to give you a whole term to learn, reflect, and make plans. Most students don't regret taking the time because of the long term pay-off in your confidence, grades, retention and success - but this may not fit your current plans.


    • Can I take Transitions at a later time? Yes, you are free to apply at any time!

    • I'm already in college. Would Transitions be good for me? Some students enroll in Transitions AFTER starting college because they are having difficulties being successful on their own. The program can help you improve your confidence, clarify your goals, and develop a support system.

    • How much does Transitions cost? Transitions costs are currently under approximately $250. These costs may be increasing due to college budget cuts. You can use financial aid funds to cover these costs. If you are not eligible for financial aid the Transitions program may be able to pay these costs for you.