• MHCC Tuition Pledge

  • In September 2015, the Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education voted to enact a tuition pledge program. This program maintains the 2015/16 tuition rate of $94 per credit hour for up to four years for students who enrolled in 2015/16, stay enrolled through the length of the program and maintain certain criteria. In this manner, students will now be able to consistently budget out the costs while completing their higher education goals at MHCC, without worrying about rising tuition.


    • Any student who registers for credit classes and is eligible for In-State (In District & Out of District) tuition
    • Students maintain eligibility by:
      • Meeting Standards of Academic Progress, which is defined as achieving a term grade point average (GPA) of 2.00.
      • Enrolls for at least one course each term for at least three out of four terms each consecutive academic year
      • Having an Education Plan in place by the end of the academic year, June 2016.


    • Beginning fall term 2015, a student’s tuition will be frozen for a period up to four years if the above eligibility requirements are maintained. This means future year tuition increases will not apply to those students eligible for the pledge.


    • Fixed tuition rate for up to four years (no increase)
    • Price certainty and predictability
    • Savings in total tuition paid over four years; the average student will save almost $400 while earning an associate degree
    • Incentive to complete education on time


    Question: What if I don’t start attending until winter term? Or next year?
    Answer: Your tuition “freeze” will begin the first term you register. Your tuition will be locked in at the then current rate, and your four year completion period will begin at that time.

    Question: What is not covered by this program?
    Answer: Student fees, such as the Student Fee or Technology Fee, as well are course fees are not covered by this program. Housing, books and other related educational costs are also not included.

    Question: Is this program only for new students? What if I am returning from 2014-15?
    Answer: The tuition pledge applies to any student registering for credited courses for fall term, 2015, or any term after fall, 2015.