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The MHCC Visual Arts Department consists of outstanding instruction in both 2D and 3D art and in Art History.

Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts program at Mt. Hood Community College is located on the east end of the campus. Housed in specially designed studios, courses in drawing, basic design, ceramics, jewelry-making, digital art, printmaking, sculpture, art history and painting are taught by both full-time and part-time instructors who are themselves practicing artists. Taken individually or as a series of foundation courses, visual arts classes are designed to provide basic and essential information for developing the skills necessary to perform well in any of the visual arts careers.

From pottery to digital imaging, a visual arts education can prepare students for the language and issues important for success in art and design. Visual communication and expression touch every aspect of our daily lives. New art forms are being developed through new technology, but visual issues related to visual elements --how we see and how we respond to color, texture and shapes-- are common to all forms of visual communications.

We are affected by visual information in many ways. Studying art allows us to express creatively, communicate effectively, and to improve our relationships with our environment. How we create images, interpret them, and place them historically requires an educated understanding of the visual art world. Developing skills in making as well as interpreting art is an important contribution to culture that every educated person should make.

What Are My Options?

Studio Courses:

Foundation courses help students to develop well-rounded skills and to discover interests in particular directions in art-making. Specific course sequences are required for completing MHCC two-year programs, and are needed to prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Though continued study in each studio discipline is sequential, first year courses are excellent for any level of student and any degree plan.

Art Education:

A career in teaching at any level often requires college credit in studio and art history courses. Knowledge of the social, political, and personal impact of art and art history enhances a teacher's understanding of the significant role the fine arts have played in history, as well as the rich contributions artists have made.

Humanities Requirements:

Most of our courses also satisfy humanities credits because instruction is integrated with social, historical and cultural issues.

Is This For Me?

In a world where there is increasing dependence on visual information, the visual arts offer some of the most useful and relevant preparations for career in information, technology, imaging, and self-expression. Anyone considering a future in these areas might like to work with their hands, enjoy creative problem-solving, and appreciate the ability to visually express themselves.

What Does The Future Hold?

Training in the visual arts offers a broad range of choices for career opportunities. From the study of pottery to painting to digital imaging, a visual arts education can prepare students to have the language, skills, and habits necessary for success in the fine or applied arts. Visual communication and self-expression touch every aspect of our daily lives. Though art forms are constantly developing through new technology, the visual elements and principles will always remain the same. How we see, create, and respond to color, form, line, content, and meaning, are issues common to all forms of visual communication.

For additional information about the Visual Arts Department, contact an area by specialty, or call (503) 491-7309.

Visit the Visual Arts Gallery to view a wide variety of art throughout the year.

The Visual Arts Department is part of the Social Science, Performing and Visual Arts Division led by Dean Janet McIntyre (503-491-7589).

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