• ASG Candidate's Bios

  • ASG Ticket: Wakely Wolf & Kannezcia Sanamane

    Wakely Wolf

    Wakely WolfWakely William Wolf was born August, 21 1991 in Fort Myers, Florida. He has been an active member of many organizations and has had much involvement within the communities he has resided in. He has also received multiple awards for his accomplishments. One of his greatest accomplishments includes earning the Billy Mitchell Award. This is an award the air force auxiliary offers when a cadet becomes an officer. It allows for advance placement if the recipient has a desire to join the Air Force. He chose not to enlist into the Air Force due to his father’s illness. When Wolf was twenty years old, he was offered the opportunity to be ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk at Wat Buddhamongkolnimit in Albuquerque New Mexico. After his education at the Temple he realized he wanted a family. Leaving the temple, he found work doing historical restoration, providing him with the opportunity to travel abroad. He met his wife while visiting Thailand. Six months after being married, his father had passed from lung cancer. Wolf ended up moving his family to Oregon to have a fresh start and a better life for his family. His family resides in troutdale and his only son just turned three. Wolf is perusing a major in Biochemistry and currently holds a 3.7 gpa. He was placed on the dean’s list his first term. He is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Trio. He aspires to work as a researcher to develop cures for tropical neglected diseases in impoverished nations. He is truly humbled and honored to be able to represent the students of MHCC by running for President of Associated Student Government.

    Kannezcia Sanamane

    Kannezcia SanamaneMy name is Kannezcia Sanamane and I’m current working towards on a major in Biochemistry. When I first came to Mount Hood, I was a Middle College student. This meant I was able to attend college courses while still enrolled in High School. Growing up as an Asian American, I’ve been involved with the Laotian community. I have worked for the Lao Women’s Society, as well as organized events for the temple. I have volunteered at Mt. Hood Legacy Hospital for the last six years working side by side with RN’s and PA’s. After being able to experience the work lifestyle in the hospital walls, I’ve decided to pursue a Biochemistry degree in hope to become a cardiothoracic surgeon one day. After finishing my ASOT at Mount Hood I plan on transferring to Oregon State to accomplish this.

    ASG Ticket: Ponyboy Peterman & Carey McIntosh

    Ponyboy Peterman

    Ponyboy PetermanI would never have considered myself the kind of person to be in Student Government. I cannot pretend that I went into student government with an intense desire for change, or to put all of my efforts towards my fellow students. I didn't even know anyone at the time. In fact, if the school did not offer a tuition waiver for ASG, I would likely have never joined. That would have been a very big mistake. Without becoming a senator, and pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and risking becoming a part of something that I didn't even know if I believed in, I would still be fighting the same old battle that school is, only, this time it would be alone. I would be without any support group of people who had felt the same fears that I had before, and conquered them. Because of ASG, I know that when we work together as students, we become much more than individuals. We become a force that moves mountains. I am not the same person that I was when I left high school last summer. That summer feels like it was an eternity ago. Now, I want to rid students of their doubts and remove the false idea that for some reason they are not as capable as their peers. The way that many people measure success in public education, such as test scores or benchmarks, encourages competition in what I believe is a very individual journey. We are all capable of immense, immeasurable greatness. I believe that what makes a person successful is their mentality. We all are united in our desire to succeed however we choose to define that, and Student Government is a perfect platform for reaching out to students in this way. Before ASG, I would keep to myself, but now I want to encourage people to share their genius with each other, to create a true community of lifelong learners, and to welcome people who share the collective desire to become their greatest selves. It is this collective spirit that has liberated us as a society, enabling today's generation to benefit from the work of those before us and to learn from their mistakes. I recognize that I, as one individual, can only be so influential, and that is why I want to become ASG President. I want to influence a great change in mentality that makes people view success as something that everyone can achieve, independent of each other, and without bounds.

    Carey McIntosh

    Carey McIntosh

    As a student that came to college after graduating from a low-funded high school, I expected to come to a school that was lifeless and which lacked a sense of community, and to receive the same minimal amount of help and tutoring as I did there. In high school, there was a divide between social groups, and the encouragement of clubs and other programs was nearly non-existent. My grades were low, and support for students who needed it was nonexistent. However, after becoming a student of MHCC and one term later being hired by ASG as Senator of Library, AVID, & LSC, I learned that this college has so much to offer students. From a diverse selection of clubs and events that are open and welcoming to all, and an outstandingly supportive student government, to an abundance of tutoring resources and individuals that dedicate themselves to your success. MHCC truly changed my life and quality of education for the better. My mission as Vice President of ASMHCC is to encourage and strengthen our sense of community and togetherness, as well as increase the visibility of options for support and resources. As the Senator of Library, AVID, & LSC, I have been well informed about what types of resources are available for students. I will strive for student success by encouraging the use of these resources and making them easily accessible, in and outside of school so students who are struggling, like I once was, will have the tools necessary to reach their maximum potential. I believe everyone deserves the best quality of education possible. As members of ASG, my running mate PonyBoy and I already have a close insight on what needs change and on the overall inner-workings of the school and student life itself. We know what it’s like to work as a team and to make tough choices that require an understanding of the students and their needs. I believe that the responsibilities of President and Vice President will quickly become second-nature to us and that we will be able to wholeheartedly fight for your success.