AR 3250: Institutional Planning

Mt. Hood Community College is engaged in a comprehensive, systematic, data-informed process that offers an opportunity for all stakeholders’ input and is supported by institutional effectiveness research. The process results in a set of clear, feasible, vertically and horizontally aligned goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that have accountable owners. Plans are easily available, regularly assessed, and timely updated, and they include contingency planning and guide resource allocation.

Strategic Plan
Mt. Hood Community College shall define the process for the development of the next Strategic Plan at least one year before the expiration of the existing plan. The college shall receive broad feedback from all stakeholders, including but not limited to current students, prospective students and their families, all employees, community members, local business leaders, and in-district high schools. Key performance indicators (KPI) shall be defined to measure mission fulfillment and the impact of work. KPIs shall, at a minimum, include measures of student success, student learning, and equity and inclusion. Data for those measures shall be disaggregated. Objectives metrics shall be defined in a way so they can serve as leading indicators for KPIs. The college shall have a process for reviewing the objectives of the existing plan annually.

Comprehensive Plans
Mt. Hood Community College shall develop, implement, and keep up-to-date Academic, Student Enrollment, Facilities, and Technology plans. All Comprehensive Plans shall define strategies that align with the Strategic Plan’s objectives. All Comprehensive Plans shall be reviewed annually.

Unit Plans
Each college unit shall create an annual Unit Plan. An annual unit plan is a set of tactics and actions to be taken by each respective work unit to achieve the college's objectives and goals. Unit Plan tactics are aligned with the college’s objectives and strategies. The Unit Plan shall cover most of the work that units anticipate performing each year. Units shall keep their plans up to date throughout the year as their plans get adjusted. Unit Plans allocate both human and financial resources to achieve stated tactics. Unit Managers are responsible for gathering feedback, submitting and updating plans, and reporting results. The deadline for Unit Plans is set annually.

Transparency and Accountability
All plans shall be easily accessible to all employees. Strategic and Comprehensive plans shall be published on the website and easily accessible by all Mt. Hood Community College stakeholders. Each objective, strategy, and tactic shall have one accountable person identified.

Integrated Planning
To ensure seamless integration and alignment of various planning efforts, the college shall define and maintain definitions of a goal, an objective, a strategy, and a tactic. The Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the process of maintaining definitions and ensuring that new goals, objectives, and strategies meet the agreed definition and levels of specificity.

Approved: 8/29/23

References: NWCCU Standards 1.B.1, 1.B.3