AR 3820: Gifts

All donations to the college must be handled through the Foundation.

Employees and students must follow the Foundation’s established guidelines on requesting to fundraise for a college effort. Requestors must fill out the Request for Fundraising and Off-Campus Solicitation Form and submit it to the Executive Director of the Foundation/Vice President for College Advancement for consideration.

No fundraising shall take place without prior approval.

The Foundation shall process all donations, keep a record of donors, and provide donors with an appropriate receipt and acknowledgment of their gift.

In-kind donations may be accepted by the area vice president, upon recommendation by the area manager. Upon the acceptance of an in-kind donation, the appropriate manager must fill out and submit the In-Kind Donation Form to the Executive Director of the Foundation /Vice President for College Advancement for proper gift processing.

Adopted: 9/22/09

Revised: 8/29/23

References: ORS 341.290(5), 341.290(11), 341.290(19)