BP 3530: Weapons on Campus

Mt. Hood Community College is committed to preventing workplace violence and to maintaining a safe work and learning environment. The College strictly prohibits any person, including students and employees, visitors, contractors and vendors, from being in possession of or giving the appearance of being in possession of any firearm, dangerous or deadly weapon, or destructive device while on College business, or at any other time while in College-owned or controlled buildings, offices, premises, sites or vehicles, or at activities under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of the College.  College property also includes that portion of any other building occupied by the College on a permanent or temporary basis.  This policy applies to all firearms and does not include an affirmative defense described in ORS 166.370 (3)(g), concerning persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun under ORS 166.291 and 166.292.

On-duty law enforcement officers licensed with the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) or equivalent state or federal authority authorized to license the possession of firearms by law enforcement officers may possess firearms while on College property and acting within the scope of their employment.

The President is authorized to make a temporary exception on the showing of good cause or necessity.

Any individual found in violation of this policy is subject to removal and exclusion from campus, college disciplinary action (if an employee or student), and/or arrest in accordance with state and federal laws.

 Firearm” means a weapon, by whatever name known, which is designed to expel a projectile by the action of powder.

Dangerous or deadly weapon” means any weapon, device, instrument, material or substance which under the circumstances in which it is used, intended or attempted to be used or threatened to be used, is readily capable of causing death or serious physical injury or specifically designed for and presently capable of causing death or serious physical injury.

Destructive device” means any projectile containing an explosive or incendiary material or any other chemical substance, a bomb, grenade, missile, mine, or similar device, or any combination of parts either designed or intended for use in converting any device into any destructive device or from which a destructive device may be readily assembled.

Adopted:  3/8/06

Revised: 2/16/22

References: ORS 341.290(4)
ORS 166.360 to 166.380
Chapter 146, 2021 Oregon Laws