AR 4025: Philosophy and Criteria for Degree and General Education

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) utilizes the standards the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) has approved for general education outcomes for foundational and discipline courses to fulfill Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Applied Science requirements.

The philosophy and criteria for the degrees which MHCC offers should ensure the programs of the college are consistent with the institutional mission, purposes, demographics and economics of its community.

The philosophy and criteria regarding general education reference BP 4025 states it should lead to better self-understanding, including:

  • General education is designed to introduce students to the variety of means through which people comprehend the modern world.
  • General education introduces the content and methodology of the major areas of knowledge and provides an opportunity for students to develop intellectual skills, information technology facility, affective and creative capabilities, social attitudes, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Approved: 8/8/23

References: ORS 341.009 (policy findings)
ORS 341.290 (board powers)