AR 4110: Honorary Degrees

General Guidelines

  • Honorary degrees shall be awarded by Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) upon approval of the college president and the Board of Education.
  • Honorary degrees may be awarded at commencement or some other equally appropriate time.
  • The honorary degree shall be conferred by the college president.
  • MHCC reserves the right to revoke the honorary degree if the individual engages in conduct, which in the sole discretion of the Board of Education, is significantly detrimental to the reputation of the individual, such that continued association between such individual and MHCC would be contrary to the goals/mission of the college.

Purpose for Which Honorary Degrees May Be Conferred

  • To recognize excellence and exceptional achievement in significant areas of human endeavor, which reflect the stated vision, mission, and goals of MHCC.
  • To honor meritorious and outstanding service to MHCC, the communities the college serves, the State of Oregon, the United States, or humanity at large.
  • To recognize individuals whose lives and significant achievements serve as examples of MHCC’s aspirations for its diverse student body.

Criteria for the Award of Honorary Degrees

  • Nominees for an honorary degree must be distinguished in their respective fields, and the contributions of persons nominated should be widely recognized.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated intellectual and humane values that are consistent with the aims of higher education and with the highest ideals of the nominee’s chosen field.
  • Service or financial support to the college does not in itself justify the awarding of honorary degrees. However, nothing in these criteria shall preclude nominees who are benefactors of the college.

Limitations on Eligibility
Honorary degrees shall not be awarded to the following:

  • Incumbent members of the MHCC Board of Education;
  • Current or former employees of MHCC;
  • Anyone who has already been awarded an honorary degree by MHCC.

Approved: 8/15/23

No Oregon law reference