AR 4500: Student News Media

College news media are any news/feature publications issued under the name of the college, funded by the college, and produced by students as an integral part of co-curricular instruction in student development that are prepared under the direction of a student media advisor.  It may include, but is not limited to, student newspaper reporting, broadcast news journalism and internet news journalism.  The term "editorial" refers to all content other than advertising. 

College news media shall also serve the entire college community by reporting the news, including college events and activities, providing a forum for comment and criticism, and encouraging free expression as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. 

College news media are valuable aids in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion. College news media shall exercise editorial freedom in order to maintain their integrity as vehicles for free inquiry and free expression in the college community.  At the same time, the editorial freedom of the college news media shall entail corollary responsibilities. 

Each college newspaper or other news medium is published as a learning experience, offered under student development. The editorial and advertising materials published in each news medium, including any opinions expressed, are the responsibility of the student staff. An editorial board should be formed for the news media involved. Under appropriate state and federal court decisions, these materials are free from prior restraint by virtue of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  These administrative regulations are adopted so as to encourage a responsible exercise of such freedom. 

Journalism Grievance Procedures  

A grievance is a complaint by a student that alleges facts which, if true, would demonstrate a violation of the grievant’ s right to free inquiry, free speech, or fair treatment, contains allegations that appear to be substantially credible, and is not frivolous. 

Informal Grievance Proceedings

Every effort will be made to solve a student grievance at the informal grievance level. The steps to proceed with an informal grievance are as follows:

  1. The student who wishes to initiate the informal grievance process will submit a letter to the campus editorial board. After receipt of the letter, the editorial board will notify the newspaper advisor.
  2. The editorial board will make every effort to resolve the issues and respond to the student in writing no more than two weeks after receipt of the letter.

Formal Grievance Proceedings

For formal grievance proceedings, the student will follow the provisions set forth in Administrative Regulation 5530 provided that the procedures followed and/or resolutions sought do not violate the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America or other applicable laws and regulations.

Adopted:        6/18/24


ORS 350.260