BP 4231: Grade Changes

The President shall implement administrative regulations to assure the accuracy and integrity of all grades awarded by faculty.  The regulations shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

  • Absent mistake, bad faith, fraud, or incompetence, the grades awarded by faculty shall be final.
  • Procedures for students to challenge the correctness of a grade.
  • The installation of security measures to protect grade records and grade storage systems from unauthorized access.
  • Limitations on access to grade records and grade storage systems.
  • Discipline for students or staff who are found to have gained access to grade records without proper authorization or to have changed grades without proper authorization.
  • Notice to students, faculty, transfer institutions, accreditation agencies, and law enforcement agencies if unauthorized access to grade records and grade storage systems is discovered to have occurred.

Adopted:        3/16/22

No Oregon statutory requirement