AR 5011: Admission and Concurrent Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students

Admission criteria and procedures for younger students enrolling in the Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC):
Students under 18 years of age who have not graduated from high school, have not been released from compulsory attendance or have not obtained a GED, must follow the College’s underage enrollment procedures to enroll in credit classes unless they are taking courses through an articulation agreement with their school district or other programs (see AR-4238- Dual Credit). Admission is subject to seat availability. Students’ underage categories are the following:

  • Students 17 years of age or under who have satisfactorily completed a secondary school curriculum or who hold a GED are eligible to enroll.
  • Students under 18 and released from compulsory attendance must submit to the Admissions, Registration, and Records office a “Release of Compulsory Attendance Form” from the student’s high school district to be eligible to enroll.
  • High School students will be allowed to enroll in concurrent enrollment courses via the College’s High School Services programs.
  • Students 15 years of age and under must complete an underage admissions application and send all documents to [email protected]. Then student and parents/guardian meet with the high school services director to determine if the student has the abilities and sufficient preparation to benefit from instruction at a community college, and that the student's safety and that of others will not be affected. 

The high school services director or designee makes the final recommendation for admissions status and submits status and support documents to the director of enrollment services or designee who will make the final determination, if needed. High School students can enroll in concurrent enrollment courses via the college’s high school services programs.

Procedures and additional criteria for young students are available on MHCC’s webpage or at high school services and the admissions, records and registration office.

Approved: 9/18/1984
Revised: 8/11/1998

  • ORS 340.005- 340.330
  • OAR 589-007-0200
  • ORS 341.481
  • NWCCU 2020 Standard 1.C4