AR 5020: Tuition and Fees

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC), in carrying out its instruction, and public service mission, receives funds from many sources and levies several fees or charges on a wide range of users. Fees are generally charged to recover costs, either partially or fully, or to ration or control the demand for services. Fees are charged to students, programs, and the general public.

Payments, Installment Notes, and Agency Billing

All tuition and fees must be paid within the timeframe allotted to avoid a registration hold and/or a penalty for non-payment fee. Please refer to the online academic calendar for specific dates and amounts. A returned check charge is assessed on any returned check used in payment of a student's account, whether written by the student or another party.

MHCC will begin collections process on student accounts with balances at the end of the term. Students will have 30 days from the date of the collections notice to make payment in full. If payment is not made in full, the student’s account will be assessed a collection fee and the account will be submitted to a third-party collection agency. The collection agency will use all legal means available to collect the debt including, but not limited to garnishments, and submission of debt to credit bureaus.

Eligible students may opt to pay their tuition and fees through an installment payment plan. The payment plan has a flat fee per student, per term. The payment plan will include a specific amount and the due date for each installment. All payments will be completed within the term for which the enrollment is made. Failure to make timely payments will subject the student to late payment fee per installment due date. Please refer to the website for specific due dates and amounts.

A student is eligible for the installment plan if their account is in good standing, and they have a valid social security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).

Agency vouchers will be awarded to eligible students and appear on their financial aid award letter. Students are responsible for the balance on their student account until payment is received from the agency. The agency will have 30 from the date of the invoice to submit payment to the college. After 30 days, the voucher will be removed, requiring the student to pay the remaining balance. Student is subject to the non-payment penalty, late fees, and collection proceedings if the agency does not pay within the specified time frame. Agency vouchers will not be accepted after the first payment due date.


Tuition and fees charged on a student’s account in error will be credited for the entire amount of the error. All tuition and fees will be refunded if the college cancels classes. All tuition and fees will be refunded due to changes in law or regulation authorizing and establishing a waiver or prohibiting a fee. Tuition and fees will be fully refundable when a student drops class(es) during the established refund period. Please refer to the online academic calendar for specific dates.


Tuition waivers will be allocated to students based on talent, academic excellence, leadership potential and personal or career development. The dollar amount available for waivers will be determined through the college’s annual budgeting process. The vice president of instruction and the vice president of student development will determine eligibility requirements and the best means for distributing waivers.

MHCC offers a 50% discount on tuition to in-district residents who are 62 years of age or older on career technical and lower-division collegiate (transfer level) courses. Pursuant to the 75th Oregon Legislative Assembly 2009 regular session and House Bill 2011 relating to auditing higher education courses, and on the direction of the State Board of Higher Education, the college will waive tuition for any course audited by an Oregon resident 65 years of age or older if: space is available in the course for additional students to register after tuition-paying students have registered; the department in which the course is being taught approves; the auditing student is registered for eight credits or fewer per term; and the course is a lower-division collegiate course. Fees associated with the course will be charged.

MHCC offers a variety of tuition waivers for qualified veterans and their dependents. Details are available in the Veteran’s Services Office.

College employees and certain family members may be eligible for tuition waivers, as outlined in collective bargaining agreements and employee handbooks.

Petitions and Appeals

Students who are members of an active or reserve military service and who receive orders compelling a withdrawal from courses, the college will, upon petition of the affected student, refund all tuition and fees for said term, unless academic credit is awarded.

Stipends and returns related to Federal Title IV assistance will be calculated and disbursed in accordance with all applicable Federal Requirements.

Students may appeal their academic record and/or student account balance within two years from the end of the term being appealed. Students awarded financial aid and requesting an adjustment to their enrollment, must submit their appeal within the same academic school year, or within 60 days from the end of spring term. Please refer to the online student record appeal form for eligibility requirement and more information.

Non-reimbursable Courses

All district non-reimbursable courses are administered and implemented under the direction of the vice president of instruction. If credit is offered for non-reimbursable classes, then the tuition for such classes will be based on the tuition schedule adopted by the Board and published in the term schedule. If the non-reimbursable class is not for credit, then a fee will be assigned.

Approved: 3/10/1993, 6/14/1994, 3/03/2010, 4/5/2011, 5/21/2013

Revised: 8/11/1998, 11/10/1998, 1/29/2008, 5/6/2008, 9/22/2009, 4/6/2010

  • ORS 341.290(7,8)
  • NWCCU Standard 2.G.2
  • House Bill 2011 – 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly
  • House Bill 2571 – 2009 Oregon Legislative Assembly