AR 5140: Accessible Education Services (AES)

Accessible Education Services:
The Accessible Educational Services (AES) department will maintain all records related to accommodations and materials associated with campus planning and needs for ADA compliance.  Students with disabilities shall be reasonably accommodated pursuant to federal and state requirements in all applicable programs at the college.

Substitution of a Course Requirement for Students with Disabilities:

MHCC is committed to the belief that all graduates must perform at a level of competency and complete the courses required for graduation. The college recognizes that most students with disabilities are able to complete this “same manner” demonstration of competency and the required course work by utilizing appropriate educational accommodations and academic adjustments.

Therefore, for most students with documented disabilities, the first level of accommodation will involve and to complete the course with additional support and accommodations, such as, but not limited to: tutorial assistance, auxiliary aids, and test accommodations. For some students with verified learning disabilities, such accommodation will not be enough to empower him/her/them to complete the course.

For these students, a course substitution will be individually considered. A course substitution is permissible only if the course in question is peripheral to the student’s course of study and the student has no reasonable chance of completing the course, even with all the appropriate accommodations and aids the college can offer.

The vice president of student development shall assure that the AES program conforms to all requirements established by the relevant laws and regulations.

Approval: 12/5/1995
Revised: 11/10/1998,  5/6/2008, 9/22/2009, 4/9/2010, 4/5/2011, 4/18/2023
  • 29 U.S. Code Sections 701 et seq.
  • NWCCU Standard 2.C.2
  • ORS 659.850