AR 5400 Associated Students Organization

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) shall have one associated students organization. The Associated Students of Mt. Hood Community College (ASMHCC) shall act as an organized voice for all MHCC students to effectively represent students in the college’s decision and policy making process and to provide a broad educational experience for students, while promoting citizenship on campus and in the greater community.

ASMHCC exists to enhance the general welfare of students through student advocacy and representation at MHCC. All students who are registered at MHCC and have paid their student fees are members of ASMHCC.

A governing body shall be elected that shall keep an account of its meetings, expenditures, authorizations and policies established.

A majority of the elected voting members of the Associated Students Organization governing body shall constitute a quorum.

Approval: 4/18/2023
Reference: No Oregon statutory requirement