AR 5505: Hazing

Hazing is not permitted at MHCC. No individual, student organization, club, team, or any other college-affiliated student group is permitted to plan, engage in, or condone hazing, on or off the MHCC campus.

“Haze” means:

  1. To subject an individual to whipping, beating, striking, branding or electronic shocking, to place a harmful substance on an individual’s body or to subject an individual to other similar forms of physical brutality;
  2. To subject an individual to sleep deprivation, exposure to the elements, confinement in a small space or other similar activity that subjects the individual to an unreasonable risk of harm or adversely affects the physical health or safety of the individual;
  3. To compel an individual to consume food, liquid, alcohol, cannabis, controlled substances or other substances that subject the individual to a risk of harm or adversely affect the physical health or safety of the individual; or
  4. To induce, cause or require an individual to perform a duty or task that involves the commission of a crime or an act of hazing.

This policy is not intended to prohibit or sanction the following conduct:

  1. Customary public athletic events, contests, or competitions that are sponsored by the college; or
  2. Any activity or conduct that furthers the goals of a legitimate educational curriculum, a legitimate extracurricular program, or a legitimate military training program.

MHCC encourages all members of the college community who believe that they have witnessed, experienced, or are aware of conduct that violates this policy to report the violation via the public safety office or student of concern report.

Should the college become aware of hazing by a student organization or any of its members, the college may immediately suspend the organization or group pending an investigation into the allegations. Allegations of hazing are resolved in accordance with the student conduct process. Students or student organizations found responsible for violating this policy are subject to the full range of disciplinary sanctions. For more information, refer to BP/AR 5520.

Approval: 11/2019
Revised: 4/18/2023
  • Chapter 206, 2019 Oregon Laws
  • ORS 163.197