AR 6320: Investments

The vice president of finance and administration is responsible for investing the funds of the college that are not required for the immediate needs of the college. Funds invested shall follow the investment policy approved by the Board of Education in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Funds that are not required for the immediate needs of the college shall be prudently invested in order to earn a return on such investment.
  • The preservation of the principal is of primary importance. Each transaction shall seek to ensure that capital losses are avoided, whether from securities or erosion of market value.
  • The investment program should remain sufficiently flexible to enable the college to meet all operating requirements that may be reasonably anticipated in any fund. After the preservation of the principal, liquidity is the objective.
  • In managing college investments, college officials should avoid any transactions that might impair public confidence.
  • Investments should be made with precision and care, considering the probable safety of the capital as well as the probable income to be derived.
Approved: 4/20/1993
Revised: 8/11/1998, 9/22/2009, 9/5/2023
  • ORS 294.805 to 294.895