AR 6501: Management of the College Art Collection

Mt. Hood Community College’s (MHCC) managed art collection provides the opportunity for the college community and public to be surrounded by artworks of high quality, which will broaden their awareness of historical and contemporary art practices. The collection, consisting of art purchased or donated to the college, integrates art into all campus communities and to affirm the relevance of the arts to all fields of endeavor, and encourages the development of a sense of collective cultural purpose among the college community. 

MHCC circulates the current holdings of art within the college, and develops the collection to play an effective role in the intellectual and cultural development of the college community and general public. 

The vice president for instruction ensures procedures to preserve and protect the artworks, document the collection, and keep accurate and current inventory of all items in the art collection. 

Any donations of artworks follow Board Policy 3820 and associated administrative regulations and procedures associated with gifts. Any purchases of artwork will follow Board Policy 6330 and associated administrative regulations and procedures associated with purchasing. Artwork with any restrictions or limitations imposed on it will not be accepted into the art collections.

The vice president for instruction (or designee) has the authority to loan items from the MHCC art collection to other MHCC spaces. The collection will be given prominence through display on the college campus or centers. Each loaned artwork will be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing and appropriate context which maximizes its accessibility and enhances public enjoyment and education. Each work should be displayed in a manner which gives due recognition to the artist’s intent. 

Adopted: 4/5/94

Revised: 8/11/98, 9/22/09, 4/18/11, 6/4/24