AR 6551: Deaccessioning of Artwork

Deaccessioning is a procedure for the withdrawal of an artwork from public exhibition through disposition. Disposition may include storage, sale, donation, planned destruction, or disposal.  

Deaccessioning should be considered only after five years have elapsed from the date of acceptance and/or installation of an artwork. The deaccessioning should include a thorough, impartial evaluation of the artwork within the context of the current circumstances, the present venue, condition, safety, and current worthiness of the exhibit.  

The procedure regarding deaccessioning applies to the College Art Collection owned by MHCC.

The vice president of instruction shall develop a set of criteria used to review and assess the art collection. The review should be conducted at least once every five (5) years. Members of the review team shall include the administrator who oversees the collection, the risk management officer, and a member of the visual arts team. 

Disposition of the artwork must follow Board Policy 6550 and associated administrative regulations and procedures associated with disposal of property.

Approved:       1/9/01  

Revised:        4/10/01, 9/22/09, 6/4/24