AR 6700: Facilities Use

General Provisions
Mt. Hood Community College facilities designated as public forums are available for community use when such use does not conflict with college programs and operations, as outlined in AR 3900: Speech: Time, Place, and Manner. All other facility use shall be limited to places and times identified by the associate vice president of facilities and risk management or designee but shall be sufficiently frequent and available on specific dates and times so as to allow meaningful use by outside groups. Except as provided in these procedures or as authorized by law, no organizations shall be denied the use of college facilities because of the content of the speech to be undertaken during the use.

The associate vice president of facilities and risk management is responsible for the coordination and implementation of these procedures. Facility use fees and any associated discounts will be set by the college president.

Outside the designated public forum areas, the following shall apply:

  • All user groups shall be required to provide the college with a hold harmless and indemnification agreement acknowledging that they will be financially responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries incurred by any person as a result of their use of the facilities.
  • All user groups shall also be required to provide a certificate of insurance with limits acceptable to the college and/or other proof of financial responsibility acceptable to the college.

Rules for Facilities Use
Requests for the college’s facilities must be made at least ten days before the first date of use being requested. Requests shall be made to the event coordinator on forms provided by the college. This request requirement does not apply to groups intending to use available designated public forums for expressive activities. Rules applicable to those areas are described in AR 3900: Speech: Time, Place, and Manner. Authorization to use the facilities shall be based on a reservation system, and the priorities for student and other use are detailed at the end of this section.

Permission to use college facilities shall not be granted for a period exceeding one fiscal year.

Overnight camping on college facilities, including in the designated public forum areas, is prohibited. No person or organization may use any college facility for living accommodation purposes such as sleeping activities, or making preparations to sleep, including the laying down of bedding for the purpose of sleeping, carrying on cooking activities, or storing personal belongings (except facilities specifically identified for such cooking or storage), or making any fire, or using any tents or other structure for sleeping, or doing any digging or earth breaking. Exceptions must be pre-approved by the president.

All charges for the use of college facilities are payable in advance.

Any person applying for the use of college property on behalf of any group shall be a member of the group and, unless they are an officer of the group, must present written authorization to represent the group. Each person signing an application shall, as a condition of use, agree to be held financially responsible in the case of loss or damage to college property.

The college may require security, custodial, or supervisory personnel as a condition of use whenever it is deemed in the college’s best interests. Approval for use of college property does not include access or use of any college technology/AV equipment unless a request has been made and approved at least 10 days in advance of the event. Required personnel and/or technology will incur an additional fee, as outlined in the facility use agreement.

No person applying for the use of college property shall be issued a key to college facilities unless approved by the associate vice president of facilities and risk management or designee.

Future facility requests may be denied on grounds including abuse or misuse of college property and failure to pay promptly for any damage to it.

No alcoholic beverages, intoxicants, controlled substances, vaping, or tobacco shall be brought onto the college's property. Persons under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, or controlled substances shall be denied participation in any activity. Requests for alcohol at an event require the president’s approval.

No permanent structures, electrical modifications, or mechanical apparatus may be erected or installed on college property without specific written approval by the associate vice president of facilities and risk management or designee.

All decorative materials, including draperies, hangings, curtains, and drops, shall be made or treated with flame-retardant processes approved by the state fire marshal.

Approved: 11/20/12

Revised: 10/17/23


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  • ORS 341.290(4