AR 7800: Work After Retirement

Mt. Hood Community College, at its discretion, may offer employees who retire from the college the opportunity for employment as a retiree subject to Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) rules and regulations. The associate vice president, human resources may approve requests for post-retirement employment if it is determined that the continued employment is in the public interest of the college.  The college retains the sole discretion to authorize post-retirement employment of PERS retirees.

The following factors will be considered when deciding about whether or not post-retirement employment is in the public interest of the college:

  • The impact on college services while recruiting and/or retraining a successor;
  • The need to retain the level of professional expertise, job knowledge, skills or training of the retiree due to their key role or critical function;
  • The need to complete work on a specific project or assignment;
  • The need to continue employment to ensure stability or continuity of college operations.

Decisions related to requests for post-retirement employment will be made consistent with existing college re-employment guidelines, collective bargaining agreements, state and federal law.

Approved: 3/28/2023
Revised: 6/4/2024

ORS 238;

Chapter 355, Oregon Laws 2019

Chapter 43, Oregon Laws 2023