Analytics and Institutional Research

Welcome to Analytics and Institutional Research (AIR)

AIR provides MHCC departments with data services, planning support, and assessment support. We help you find answers and make informed decisions that lead to greater success in all areas of the college. Here are some of the ways that AIR supports the MHCC mission:

  • Conducting research to promote the success of students, faculty, staff, and the college as a whole
  • Providing data dashboards on MHCC issues such as student success, student learning, equity and inclusion, and community engagement
  • Supporting MHCC in creating meaningful, data-informed plans that align with the MHCC mission, goals, and budget
  • Providing data and reporting to agencies outside MHCC
  • Facilitating a high quality of teaching and learning by supporting faculty in the assessment of student learning
  • Leading the MHCC efforts to stay aligned with the standards of higher education accreditation

How to Access AIR Services

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The office of analytics and institutional research (AIR) at Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) provides accurate, ethical, timely, and honest research, information, analysis, and services that foster and support equitable and informed decision-making, continuous improvement, consistent assessment, and effective planning. Keeping student success and quality teaching and learning at the center of its work, AIR processes are designed to serve students, faculty, staff, and district and fully speak for their experiences.


AIR is known as a center of excellence in providing leadership, best practices, quality service, and professional consulting related to information needs, process improvement, assessment, planning, and accreditation.