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Timely Warning

MHCC takes steps to issue timely warnings to protect the college community from potentially dangerous situations. These warnings are meant to keep students and staff safe and prevent similar incidents.  

Do you have information that should trigger a timely warning?  

Call public safety at 503-491-7911 

Visit the public safety office on the Gresham Campus in Room AC2330. 

How does MHCC issue timely warnings for immediate threats? 

In case of a significant emergency or dangerous situation that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of people on campus and continues to be a threat, the college will issue a campus-wide "timely warning" after consulting with the college president and law enforcement agencies. The MHCC community will be notified through various channels: 

  • RAVE alerts sent to student or staff email accounts and text messages to registered cell phone numbers. Learn more about how MHCC uses the RAVE alert system. 
  • Public address systems. 
  • Prominent notices across the top of the MHCC website. 
  • MyMHCC portal. 
  • Posting of flyers and information at campus entrances and doors. 
  • College student newspaper. 
  • Local television, radio, and community newspapers. 

The timing of the "timely warning" may be delayed if immediate notification could hinder the response to the situation or put safety at risk.  

"Timely warning" applies only to Clery-reportable crimes. Emergency requirements cover a wider range of threats, including gas leaks, ice storms, earthquakes, and fires.

View MHCC's Annual Security Report

Report a Concern: Sexual Harassment and Misconduct, Stalking, and Domestic or Dating Violence

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