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Parking Information

Parking permits are not required to park at any of the MHCC campuses except for designated disabled, carpool, guest, and vendor parking spaces. There are also a limited number of 30-minute parking spaces (no permit required). These are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Citations will be issued to violators exceeding the 30-minute restriction on short-term spots. 

MHCC Motor Vehicle Enforcement Regulation: AR-6750

Carpool Permit Form 

Parking on MHCC Gresham Campus 

The Gresham Campus has 2,800 parking spaces. While the front west lots A - H and W - Y fill up quicker, parking spaces are available in the back east lots J - P and in the south lots Q – V. 

View a Map of the Gresham Campus Parking Lots

Parking on MHCC Maywood Campus 

The Maywood Park Campus has 74 parking spaces in two lots located at the southwest and southeast corners of N.E. Prescott and 102nd Streets. The Bruning Center for Allied Health Education has parking available on the gravel parking lot on the east side of the building. 

Boots and Towing on the MHCC Campus 

A vehicle boot is an immobilization device that attaches to the wheel of a vehicle and prevents the vehicle from being driven. Attaching the boot will not cause damage to the vehicle unless the driver attempts to drive with the boot still attached. The boot will be removed only when all fines are paid. A charge of $50 must also be paid to remove the boot during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. A vehicle may be booted for the following violations: 

  • Any vehicle found parked on college property that has three or more unpaid citations. 
  • A vehicle that does not have license plates and/or has the vehicle identification number (VIN) covered. 

The college reserves the right to tow and impound any vehicles parked or left unattended anywhere on college property that impedes traffic, present a safety concern, or: 

  • Violates parking regulations. 
  • Restricts pedestrian or wheelchair routes. 
  • Blocks or partially blocks a service driveway, fire lane, red curbing or roadway. 

MHCC also reserves the right to tow any vehicle blocking a reserved area or is deemed to have been abandoned for five calendar days unless prior arrangements have been made with the public safety office. A “tow warning” will be issued after the vehicle is abandoned for 24 hours. All towing and impound fees will be the responsibility of the vehicle's registered owner. To determine if a vehicle has been towed, the owner can contact the public safety office at 503-491-7310. The vehicle's registered owner shall bear all costs involved in such vehicle 

MHCC Parking and Traffic Citations 

Parking and traffic regulations are enforced in all lots seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Parking citations are issued to the registered vehicle owner. Moving violations on campus will be charged to the violator.  

The citation fine for most violations is $25. If the citation is for parking inappropriately in a space designated for disabled persons, the MHCC fine is $100. Please note that the local law enforcement agency may also issue an additional fine for parking in a space designated for disabled persons. Citations may be paid in person by cash or credit card in student services Room AC2253.  

You must pay the citation fine within 14 calendar days of the issuance of the citation to avoid incurring additional fines or sanctions. Failure to pay or appeal the citation within 14 calendar days will result in a doubling of the fine. Fines more than $25 not paid within 90 calendar days may be turned over to a collection agency. Unpaid fines will also cause a hold to be placed on your student account which will prohibit you from registering for classes or receiving transcripts. 

You can appeal a citation in writing to the public safety office. Appeal forms are located in the public safety office Room AC2330 and must be completed within 14 calendar days of the issuance of the citation. 

Download the Citation Appeal Form

MHCC Parking FAQs

The Gresham Campus has 2,800 parking spaces. Click here to view a map of the Gresham Campus parking lots. The Maywood Campus has 74 parking spaces on two lots located at the southwest and southeast corners of NE Prescott Street and 102nd Avenue.The Bruning Center has parking available on the gravel parking lot on the east side of the building and on Civic Drive.

No, permits are not required to park at any of the MHCC campuses.

A carpool consists of two or more MHCC individuals who have similar class or work schedules and share a ride to and from campus at least three days per week. Only one parking permit will be issued to the primary carpool member. The primary member or the vehicle’s registered owner will be responsible for any citations associated with the carpool permit or the vehicle.

Yes, students and employees may obtain term carpool permits in the public safety office (AC 2330) on a first-come, first-serve basis, for the current term. The number of available carpool permits will be limited to 75 per term. Obtaining a carpool permit does not guarantee that a carpool space will be available. The designated primary carpool person must obtain the permit and provide the following information: 

For everyone in the carpool: 

  • Name and MHCC ID (identification) number 
  • MHCC class or work schedule 
  • For each vehicle, you register for the carpool permit: 
    • Vehicle license plate number 
    • State where the vehicle is registered 
    • Vehicle make (i.e., "Honda") 
    • Vehicle model (i.e., "Civic") 
    • Vehicle style (i.e.: four-door, hatchback, etc.) 
    • Vehicle color 
    • Vehicle year 

If you lose your carpool permit or suspect it has been stolen, you must immediately report the incident to the public safety office Room AC2330. You will be held responsible for any citations issued until the college is notified. 

There are designated carpool spaces in parking lots A, D, AM and Y. These spaces are available on a first come, first served basis, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Parking lots A, E, and J have specific areas designated for motorcycles. You may also park in any general undesignated/unrestricted parking space. Parking is not permitted in restricted parking spaces posted with signs. Parking is not allowed on sidewalks, bike racks, or in areas posted “NO PARKING.”

Dental patients may park in dental patient designated spaces in parking lot H. You must sign the parking logbook when you arrive at the dental clinic. If your name is not on the log, you will be cited for a parking violation and subject to a citation fine. Students and employees are not eligible to park in these designated spaces. Dental patients may also park in any unrestricted parking space.

Parking Information

Have more questions or concerns about parking on MHCC's campuses? We're happy to help. We want all of our students and community members to have a positive and safe on campus experience. If you need more information or would like a safety escort to your vehicle, please call public safety at 503-491-7310.

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