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Public Safety Services

MHCC’s public safety officers are a uniformed presence on the Gresham campus twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Maywood Campus has uniform public safety officers for 20 hours a week when classes are in session. Law enforcement agencies are available to respond to the Gresham Campus, Maywood Center, and Bruning Center at any time. 

If there is an emergency, call 911 first and then public safety at 503-491-7911.

Public Safety Authority and Local Law Enforcement Cooperation 

The public safety department has an ongoing working relationship with the Gresham and Troutdale Police Departments, the Portland Police Bureau, and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Special agent campus liaisons from the FBI office in Portland are assigned to MHCC as well. 

The public safety officers at MHCC are licensed by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). They have received training in multiple law enforcement areas, including first aid, CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use, incident command, and crime reporting. Officers are also trained in defensive tactics and carry handcuffs, an expandable baton, and pepper spray. In addition, communication dispatch officers are responsible for monitoring security cameras and alarms. They evaluate the seriousness of reported incidents, gather necessary information, and coordinate responses to safety-related calls by dispatching emergency responders.  

Contacting Public Safety 

If this is an emergency, call 911 first and then public safety at 503-491-7911. 

For non-emergencies, call 503-491-7310. Non-emergencies include public safety information requests, reporting property crimes or other crimes that have previously occurred, reporting safety hazards like hazardous material spills, requesting room locks and unlocks, safety escorts, etc. 

Public safety prioritizes responses into three categories: 

  1. Matters involving personal safety or violence 
  2. Property crimes
  3. General requests for services

Designated Emergency Telephone and Call Boxes at the Gresham Campus 

There are designated emergency telephone/call boxes located throughout the Gresham Campus. Call 7911 on these emergency telephones to be connected directly to the public safety department. These telephones may also be used to call 911. Link to map of emergency telephone and call boxes. 

Elevator Emergency Telephones 

All elevators at the Gresham Campus, Maywood Park Campus, and The Bruning Center for Allied Health Education are equipped with phones connected directly to the public safety department. 

Safety Walk Escorts 

We’re available to escort you safely around campus. 

Call 503-491-7310 to request a safe escort anywhere on campus. 

  • Gresham Campus: Public safety officers and Campus Watch volunteers are available to escort students, employees, and visitors seven days a week during the day and evenings. 
  • Maywood Park Campus: A public safety officer is available to escort students, employees, and visitors Monday through Thursday evenings. 

Additional Public Safety Department’s Services 

  • Respond to emergency calls, disturbances, and safety hazards. 
  • Respond to fire, panic, and security alarms. 
  • Provide first aid response to injuries or illnesses. 
  • Proactive foot, bicycle, and vehicle patrols of the campuses. 
  • Ensure crowd management control. 
  • Provide safety escorts for people walking between buildings and parked vehicles. 
  • Meet with individual students and employees to discuss their safety concerns on campus and work on a personal safety plan. This includes individuals who have obtained restraining or stalking orders. 
  • Enforce the college’s parking, traffic, alcohol, and tobacco regulations. 
  • Jumpstart dead batteries and perform vehicle unlocks. 
  • Administer a comprehensive network of intrusion and fire detection systems and a system of closed-circuit television cameras. 
  • Provide and deliver crime prevention materials and presentations to campus groups on crime awareness, personal safety, and other related topics. 
  • Manage the campus watch program. If you’re interested in the campus watch program, call public safety at 503-491-7310. 

Access to College Facilities 

Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to students, employees, guests, and visitors during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and designated hours during the evening, on weekends, and during events. During other times, all exterior doors and buildings are locked and only employees and authorized students can enter. If you need to access rooms and buildings outside of normal business hours, you’ll need a key or electronic access card. You can also call public safety at 503-491-7310. 

The facilities department issues keys and cards with administrator approval.  

  • Employees without an issued key or electronic access card need to present a valid MHCC employee photo ID to public safety for access to secured rooms.  
  • Students need prior permission from a designated MHCC employee. Please have an employee send this permission to public safety. Students will also need to present an ID to enter. 

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