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Strategic Plan

In 2022, MHCC embarked on a significant undertaking: the development of a strategic plan with equity as its central focus. This plan was crafted by interviewing stakeholders from both within and outside the college community. These conversations helped shape the plan, ensuring that it reflected the diverse perspectives and needs of all parties involved. The college's unwavering commitment to equity underscores not only its dedication to fairness and inclusivity but also its resolve to provide equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds. This strategic plan underscores the institution's commitment to cultivating a diverse and thriving learning environment. 

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Equity Statement 

At Mt. Hood Community College, we hold ourselves accountable to align our systems, policies, practices, and resource allocations to strategically and purposefully advance equity. We recognize the harm done to historically excluded people. We work towards a future where all people across the spectrum of difference thrive at Mt. Hood Community College. We seek to provide every person within our community the tools to be successful. We actively design equitable systems to promote fairness and justice. 

Mt. Hood Community College prioritizes equity and acknowledges the importance of the ongoing and intentional work to interrupt oppression and remove barriers that perpetuate inequity. We strive to become an organization that demonstrates equity in concept, practice, and outcomes, where all people are valued and feel a sense of belonging. 

Vision Statement 

Mt. Hood Community College is valued as a cornerstone of the community for affordability, equitable student success, innovation, and financial stewardship. 

Mission Statement 

With a commitment to being inclusive, Mt.Hood Community College offers a full range of education and training in a supportive environment to advance personal and professional growth. We are a community hub for cultural, economic, recreational, and intellectual enrichment 

MHCC Strategic Plan

MHCC Environmental Scan

Strategic Enrollment Plan

MHCC is Committed to these Values


We seek to minimize barriers 


We value fairness and impartiality


We believe in continuous improvement 


We foster an environment to support student success 


We aspire to excellence in all our programs and services 


We seek to create an encouraging environment 

MHCC Goals 

  • Improve Teaching and Learning Practices and Processes to Support Learning and Success for All Students. 
  • Provide the Full Range of Educational and Support Programs and Services Needed to Allow Students to Meet their Educational, Career, and Personal Goals 
  • Align the College’s Organizational Structure, Systems and Processes to Reflect the Diversity of the Communities We Serve 
  • Provide Facilities and Technology Platforms to Serve the Needs of All Students 
  • Increase Our Visibility and Strengthen the Connection Between the College and Our Local and Regional Community Partners 

Key Performance Indicators 

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