Sign that says Mt. Hood Community College in front of MHCC campus

Mt. Hood Community College Ranks Fourth in WalletHub's Top 25 Community Colleges

January 06, 2023

Community colleges have long been the unsung heroes of higher education, providing accessibility, affordability, and opportunities for students. They have also been criticized for high dropout rates and limited upward transfer success. Despite this, a recent study by WalletHub has shed light on the efforts of these colleges, and among them, Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) stood out. In WalletHub's ranking of 668 member institutions in the American Association of Community Colleges, MHCC was ranked fourth in their list of the top 25 community colleges. This highlights how the college provides students with schooling they can afford and that will help them build great careers.

WalletHub, a financial analysis and ranking platform, measured 668 community colleges across the U.S. using 19 metrics. These metrics were sorted into three groups: cost and financing, education outcomes, and career outcomes. WalletHub assigned the same weight to all three groups when deciding the rankings.

Community colleges are known for their low cost, and MHCC meets this standard. The college’s focus on providing low-cost schooling, combined with financial aid and scholarship programs, lessens the burden on students.

MHCC's strong performance in education outcomes is one more key aspect highlighted in the study. The college provides quality education and ensures that students gain the skills and knowledge needed for their future careers. The college's committed faculty and robust programs have led to this outcome, helping students build a strong foundation.

The career outcomes of students are a main concern for many working toward college degrees. WalletHub recognized that MHCC has worked hard to in prepare students for their future careers. By providing students with skills and knowledge that can be used in the workforce, the college helps them secure stable and rewarding employment opportunities.

"Mt. Hood Community College is deeply committed to our mission of providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to our students. This achievement underscores our dedication to helping our students build successful careers, and it exemplifies the potential of community colleges nationwide to make an impact in higher education,” Mt. Hood Community College President Dr. Lisa Skari said.

As community colleges gain more and more recognition, they are poised to play an even larger role in student’s paths in life, meeting the growing demand for education that is both cost-effective and career-focused.