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MHCC Launches Exploratory Bond Development Workgroup

April 01, 2024

Community colleges across Oregon regularly go to voters in their districts to ask for support in funding large-scale repairs, expansions, or projects that are outside of the scope that can be funded through the operating budget. Mt Hood Community College is exploring the possibility of making such a request this fall.

To initiate this process, the college established the Bond Development Workgroup (BDW), consisting of both internal and external stakeholders. This group’s main goal is to present a curated list of projects to take to the community for feedback.

“We haven’t passed a bond since 1974. If the Board of Education decides to propose one this year, we want to actively engage with our community to gather their ideas and thoughts. We are proud of the significant work this group is undertaking,” said MHCC President Lisa Skari.

The BDW is a diverse assembly comprising MHCC board members, faculty, staff, administrators, and representatives from community organizations, local businesses, government entities, and educational partners. Each member brings unique perspectives crucial to the decision-making process and their collective expertise promises a comprehensive approach to addressing the community’s needs.

Scheduled to convene five times between January and April, the BDW conducted a pivotal “Build a Bond” activity on March 11. This served as an opportunity to refine the list of potential projects, ensuring alignment with community interests and priorities.

The goal is to finalize the proposal by late May, with ongoing work through the summer to draft the final bond language.

This concerted effort underscores MHCC’s commitment to fostering community engagement and addressing pressing needs through strategic initiatives. Stay tuned for further updates as the BDW progresses in shaping the future of MHCC and its surrounding community.

The college is collaborating with the Coraggio group, leading the facilitation of the workgroup, and Jeremy Wright from Wright Public Affairs, a full-service public relations firm, aiding in preparations for the bond.