Tree on MHCC campus

MHCC Partners with Digital Promise and ACCT to Foster Global Competence, Enhancing Campus Inclusion and Student Readiness

March 06, 2024

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is teaming up with Digital Promise and The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) for a pilot project. The project is being funded by the ECMC Foundation until May 2024.

The goal of the pilot is to help college leaders and faculty create a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus. They also want to ensure students are prepared to compete in the global economy. To reach this goal, MHCC career and technical education (CTE) faculty will receive training on how to incorporate international topics and skills into their courses from Digital Promise.

More and more, demographic shifts and technological innovation are changing our cultural landscape at home, at work, and in our communities. This means it's more important than ever to have a global perspective. This helps people connect and solve big problems that affect the whole world. As jobs change because of technology and our workforce becomes more diverse, it's crucial for employees to have skills that work globally.

To deal with this, MHCC CTE teachers will get training for four months. After that, they'll update their classes to include global skills. Throughout the program, faculty will have the chance to network and learn from faculty across the country working toward the same goal.

“We’re really focused on trying to prepare our students for the world of work, while creating a place where all people are valued and where there’s a sense of belonging. Infusing global education into the curriculum is one way we can show that to our students. We believe MHCC is the perfect college to serve as a pilot for this project, as our student population is one of the most globally diverse in the area creating a rich learning environment,” MHCC President Dr. Lisa Skari said.

MHCC administration and faculty look forward to seeing how the college’s participation in this project leads to improved retention and campus culture.