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Multicultural Student Graduation

The multicultural student graduation is a special event hosted by the multicultural and diversity resource center at Mt. Hood Community College. This event celebrates and honors students of diverse backgrounds. It's really important because it gives recognition to communities that often don't get enough credit for their success in education.

At this graduation ceremony, students from various backgrounds will be celebrated for their achievements. Students will be given a special certificate and a lapel pin to remember the event.

When we say "multicultural," we mean many kinds of identities. It's not just about race or where you're from. It also includes things like your gender, who you love, your religion, your family situation, your abilities, and any other part of you that's unique.

This graduation event is open to all students who are completing an associate degree at MHCC, transferring to a different college, finishing a certificate program, or earning their GED® certificate. You can decide for yourself if you identify as a multicultural student.


Must be a student graduating with any MHCC associate degree, transferring to another college or university, completing a certificate program, or earning their GED® certificate.

Registration and Event Details

Multicultural student graduation always takes place on the last Friday in May on the Gresham Campus. We also provide a live stream of the event for those who cannot attend in person.

Registration opens the first week of spring term and closes the last Monday in May the week of the event. Specific details for the event each year will be provided on the registration page and well in advance. Get registered and celebrate your achievements and MHCC’s diversity with your fellow students.

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