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Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI)

The Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) is an exciting program focused on leadership skills, public speaking, and emotional intelligence skills. OLI pairs college-level students with high school students interested in college and career ideas. OLI pairs students from all backgrounds and nationalities.

The program offers a tuition-free series of workshops and training sessions during the fall, winter, and spring terms. High school students join field trips and learn about civic leadership. The collaboration with community partners promotes critical thinking and community development. Over eight months, participants share activities focused on team building,  college life and college programs, and strategic communication. Students also learn about personal advocacy. The program concludes with an end-of-the-year activity.

Students interested in the program must apply through Student Registration Form.  

Mentors meet as a group once a week. They learn and practice the skills needed to be role models. 

OLI mentors assist the program coordinator in monthly sessions and connect with the students. People interested in mentoring must commit to attending all the weekly mentor meetings. These sessions begin in October and end in June.