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Signature Programs and Leadership Opportunities

The multicultural and diversity resource center (MDRC) offers many chances for you to learn about leadership and get involved in campus life at Mt. Hood Community College. Through our programs and events, you can get to know other students, teachers, and community members, and work together to make MHCC better for everyone.

MDRC Student Leadership Application

Student Leadership Programs

Social Justice Advocates: This program goes on for a whole year. You’ll learn about social issues, how to talk about diversity and inclusion, and how to start big projects that can make the campus a better place.

Student Council for Multicultural Affairs (SCMA): This is a group of students that wants to help students who haven't always been treated fairly. They meet every two weeks to talk about what students need and how to make things better. Anyone can join if they care about these issues.

Student Consultants on Teaching (SCoT): This cool program lets students work with teachers to help make their classes better. The students get to learn about teaching, watch classes, and then give their thoughts on how things are going.

Student Life Campus Garden: This project is about growing fresh, healthy food for MHCC students. It also teaches people about the problem of not having enough food and how gardens can help.

Learning Community: All MDRC student leaders belong to a group that learns and talks about diversity, fairness, and including everyone. This is not a separate program, but part of all the student leadership programs. Everyone who cares about these topics can join.

Student Leadership Positions

  1. Social Justice Advocate - Food Equity Education Initiatives: Primary duties include organizing projects focused on educating the MHCC community on food insecurity and engaging in food equity initiatives.
  2. Social Justice Advocate - Food Equity Volunteer Initiatives: Primary duties include organizing off-campus volunteer opportunities at community-based organizations focused on alleviating food insecurity.
  3. Social Justice Advocate - Campus Garden Initiatives: Primary duties include assisting in maintaining the Student Life Campus Garden and promoting this resource to the campus community.
  4. Social Justice Advocate - Dreamer Support Initiatives: Primary duties include organizing events and sharing resources that support our undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) student community, contributing to the community and their overall well-being and success.
  5. Social Justice Advocate - Multicultural Program Initiatives: Primary duties include assisting the MDRC coordinator in organizing a variety of multicultural events and programs.
  6. Social Justice Advocate - Community and Belonging Initiatives: Primary duties include organizing events and activities that focus on building community among MHCC students, with a particular focus on historically underrepresented students.
  7. Social Justice Advocate - Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives: Primary duties include organizing events and activities that help support the mental well-being of students, as well as assisting in leading and contributing to the MDRC mental health podcast.
  8. Social Justice Advocate - Student Council for Multicultural Affairs Chair: Primary duties include organizing and leading Council meetings, advocating for historically underrepresented students, and contributing to plans that further support historically underrepresented students at MHCC.
  9. General Work Study: Primary duties include providing clerical support, assisting in maintaining the MDRC, and assisting other student leaders in ongoing projects.

For all of these roles, you need to:

  • Be in the office for six hours every week.
  • Come to all meetings and trainings.
  • Support and attend MDRC and student life events if you can.
  • Finish your projects on time.
  • Keep up a 2.5 GPA.

If you take on a leadership role, you can get:

  • Six-credit tuition waiver and work-study available (dependent on eligibility).
  • Leadership experience and development.
  • Professional development/continuous education in diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.
  • Establishing collaborative partnerships and enacting social change on campus.

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